Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What Rubbish Is This, TESCO?


Just three weeks ago, a main stream media reported about supermarket trolleys. Two pages were dedicated about the cleanliness and useage. As usual, customers were mainly blamed about how they have to be a responsible user and help to keep it neat.

There were also interviews with the usual blah, blah, blah on how they maintain it daily by washing and cleaning them. All the big hypermarkets claimed that they are "hollier than thou" and are Multinationals. These public-listed companies even behaved like 'angels'!
Shit I'd say! All Bullshit!

Why? In my many earlier (blog) postings, phone calls to the 'Corporate Headquarters' .....a million apologies were offered and promises were even assured about 'immediate' action would be taken. All pure blufferlogy! Bullshit!

This pictures were taken four hours ago at Setia Alam. A trolley full of SHIT! Baby SHIT! Nothing else!
This is really UN-HYGIENIC and disgusting.

Just imagine, that on a "No Plastic Bag Day", all your fresh vegetables sits on this kind of dirty trolleys!

Just where the hell are you, Kementrian Kesehatan? Kementrian Perdagangan?

Fcuk you TESCO! Shame on you.
I did speak to you personally about this issue SIX months ago and you did nothing! I am going to protect my family's health by boycotting your hypermarket until you come out with a formal apology and a solid action.

We are very concerned about our health damn it!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Pokais not allowed

Island ONLY for the Rich?

Just what da fcuk is going on with our present gormen?

Not only on our new super high speed broadband which is EXCLUSIVELY reserved for the RICH and FAMOUS and also only in areas where the RICH and FAMOUS stays & work to make more money!

Now some 'dumbwit' Big (Rich & Famous) Chief Minister want to make Pulau Redang ONLY for the RICH and Famous. Why? Because the middle class and the *pokais are known (to them only) to dirty and pollute the place. Fcuk you, chief brainless minister!

Therefore, ONLY the rich and famous can visit the island in future. So what would that mean? Simple, shoot on sight any pokais arriving the island who cannot afford to pay RM1,600/per room/night,... is zit? Fcuk you gormen. Pls do not treat us middle class and pokais as dirt. We also pay taxes you know?

This appeared on the headlines on today's STAR papers here.

Is there any other way than to come out with such stupid 'limp-pricked' idea especially from arrogant bigshot (it seem that we have so much of that lately..!)?

Why can't they think of improving and building facilities to handle the sewerage and rubbish problems just like the other 'World Class' island resorts worldwide?

I also believe that under International Law, every living things have a certain rights to enjoy what nature provides such as mountains, waterfalls, hotsprings, rivers, beaches and islands.

It is NOT exclusively for the RICH and FAMOUS.
Many hotsprings are already 'hijacked' this way. You mean to tell me that all middle class folks and poor people are mainly responsible for dirtying and polluting the place?

But I have personally seen people riding in Harriers, BMW, Benzes spitting and throwing rubbish out of their cars! Ptui!!!

Please do not force many poor people to rethink the 'storming of the Bastille'.......!

Please STOP all such 'cock talking' and use what ever brains you may have, chief minister!
You call these 'clever thinking' ? Poohbuh! Now, where the fcuk we poor people can go for our holidays?

( *Pokai...folks that are not cash rich, poor people)
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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Samee Valoo Department

"Just Don't Know What To Do With Him"

Just read this and fell off my chair!
It was reported that"......He stick out like a fish bone in the throat and we just do not know what to do with him!".... fuyoh! This is really one 'hot potato(e)!

He may also have said "...I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself!"... lah! But I like the version sung by Dusty Springfield posted on YouTube here.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Joke of the Year!


Please don't talk Cock!

(Now repeat after me...three times)

Please don't talk Cock,
Please don't talk Cuck,
Please don't talk Cuckooo!!!!

Bloody damn April's fool!