Friday, May 28, 2010

A'rse Formosa


A video is being circulated in the Internet World about how one of our rare Malaysian Tiger is being treated like a photo prop.

This pitiful tiger is being abused every minute by its handler (who looks like he knows shit about tigers) to pose for photographs. He uses his knees to knock its head, uses his damn hands to pull its whiskers and pinched his nose most probably to keep the tiger awake. Just watch at his face when the kind lady told him off! Geeze!

I would really have no pity on him if the tiger wakes up and rip him apart!

Hey suxheads at A'(arse) Formosa, please be educated enough.
The last time I read about you is a crocodile chomping off some golfer's hand! By the the way you suxheads, besides photos, have you not heard of VIDEOS? Just what is this "........ready?.... 1, 2, 3...ok?...) thinggy?
And to all those other ignorant dickheads who posed for photos.....f**k you too!

Please watch video here at you tube.

And do remember to pass it around quick, quick to show that we still have arseholes as 'bosses', managers, ministers.............! Minister of Perhilirtan, are you watching? You gave the lesen for them to keep the Cats?

And hey WWF, at your recent TX2 'double the number of Tigers' campaign, are we multiplying our tigers for shows like these? I am angry because I gave a donation.

Why can't you, WWF, do something to prevent such acts? You make alot of noise to us public and want donations from us only? Come on, please bare your teeth too.

I am so pissed off by by this!

By the way, Birdlife International just announced that a little duck (Grebe) from Madagascar is NOW officially extinct! Humans!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just What da Hell is Wrong With Us?

Do You Know How Lucky We Are?

After reading the Asstro's May Issue, I came to realise just how lucky we Malaysians are.
Did you know that for just below US 100 dollars, we get to be entertained with 162 channels of
TV and Radio programmes 24 hours a day? 162 Channels! Freaking Awesome!
162 channels every minute....every seconds! Real one.
We are indeed spoilt for choice!
Can anyone, out there, tell me whether any other Country enjoys this?

But then.........
Just whadda fcuk are all these (listed below) channels? I do not understand or enjoy any of them even if I try.....Fcuk!

Just what are these......
RMA, Ceria,Awani,Vanavil,Vellithirai,BulBul,Makkal,Sun,
SunMusic, Chutti,AEC,AOD,JiaYu,WahLaiToi,Phoenix,
TVB8,XingHe, Wa,CTI,TVBS,Celestial,PhoenixMovies,
ShuangXing, XiaoTaiYang,HuaHeeDai,HwaTeowWine,

50 channels for AOD, 17 digital radio channels, 3 channels ABO, 3 channels ABO sports, 5HD channels,.....blah blah.

Still, many people buys pirated CDs, VCDs and DVDs! Many still downloads from the Internet!

Hey Gormen please HELP! We need Quality!
Not Quantity!

By the way, I heard that the (HSBB) High Speed Broadband also comes with IPTV too!
What? Another few hundred channels?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

True Loyalty

HACHIKO A Dog's Story

With so much dishonesty and cheat on the political scene these days, a movie about true loyalty, undying love, trust and, have opened our eyes that these feelings still do exists. Yup, it is still our dogs!

Watched "Hachiko, A Dog's Story" acted by heart-throb Richard Gere is one show that is going to make your day in two ways. Wet and Dry.
Japanese Akita dogs are pure breds and are connected since 1000BC. They are fiercely loyal to their Feudal Masters and have a very perculiar behaviour. This movie shows how this Japanese pup lived his life in the USA and surprised everyone involved knowing him.
I love this show. I recommend this movie to everyone even to those who find them 'haram'.
It is all about true love, devotion, loyalty, trust, hope, strength and mainly faith in a short life on earth.
I think you can still find them at some VCD/DVD stores or for those who are in the 'know', I am sure you will find your way to see this lovely movie.

However, do be prepared with TWO! boxes of tissue papers!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Thank GAWD!

Good News are Hard to Come By These Days

It is raining since 5pm. It looked gloomy here in Klang.
Gloomier there in Sibu too.

Just heard the news.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Thomas Cup Ok, Ok, we lost.
The players did their best.

Something is not very right here. Something.

Watched on Asstro's HD.
It SUCKS big time.
Just what kind of equipment are you using?
It SUCKS big time because we missed all the important moments!
No wonder the players also blur!!!
Maybe, they do NOT know how to use HD machines?
Poor show Asstro! Ya, ya, we keep seeing all your apologies for poor video.

Just hope the World Cup go problem free!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mat Rempits

They Are Best Found Under Lorries!

Law is Law, Is there another way around it? Law is made to protect people and from people who breaks them. Our Police is there to upkeep the Law and we, the law biding ones must support our Police for doing so.
Just look at the Mat Rempit thinggy.
It is getting out of control everywhere.
Do they even value their own lives? Just let the cops do their job and try not to blame them.

What do you call this? Is he going to be a grown up to shoulder responsibilities? A parent?Father to six to eight kids perhaps and to behave like this? Malu lah!

Yes, the cops are humans too just like you and me. We make mistakes. These blokes (and their parents) always claim innocence whenever bad things happens.
For this, the PDRM gets my support!