Saturday, July 21, 2012

Swarovski's New Scopes

Swarovski Optics Austria announces new line of their spotting scopes.
It is modular, it has zoom functions and the new model, the 95mm is what we call, re-inventing the telescopes! With its world's famous High Definition glasses, it would be exciting to read its review when it launches in England on the 17th. August, 2012.

This hot news  came in 16 hours ago and you can read a report from Birdwatching UK. here.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rest In Peace Sabrina

Sabrina Yeap, the founder of Furry Friends Farm in Kundang has passed away today.
She spent most of her life saving stray dogs and cats and made the headlines when the Pulau Ketam fiasco came about. The authorities gave Sabrina and her rescue team difficult moments when the news broke out that close to 400 rounded-up dogs were 'thrown' away into a tidal swamp where all of them died a slow & horrible death. I was part of the rescue team and witnessed the horror.
Sabrina, the Lord knows of your kind deeds and love for animals. May you Rest In Peace. You have been an angel for all those strays who have suffered and it was you who showered them with love and kindness.

Please view some video clips on the Pulau Ketam Dogs Rescue and press reports.

1) Swamp Dogs Rescue (Video) here

2) Saving Grace (Video) here

3) Saving Grace Part 2 - At the Vet. (Video) here

4) The Rescue team.

5) Animal Welfare Association Malaysia 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Praises for MCA

It was reported that.....
"A newly wedded couple praises MaC for their sex life.
Ah Lian, aged 23 said that after reading the recent news on the papers, she felt that her life is very satisfied and have improved her sexually. This was echoed by Ah Beng, her 20 year old husband and added that both of them are having good sex in bed. He added that Boss Jr. of 'you-know-who' have succeeded in arguing about the 'kueh-talam' case and have impressed both of them about their future.
Unlike a similar case in Kelantan where a couple blames their divorce on PAS for favouring another race,(please see here for details), this newly weds are so full of praises that they experience multiple orgasm everytime they are in bed. She fantasises about Sor Hai Lek as she claimed him to be handsome, and very macho.
They now plans for record their romp on DVD so as to encourage other couples to share and experience their good time."


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why Bitch about?

Ok, we are all pissed off about a Minister saying this, and another MP doing that. This cannot and that cannot.
ok ok ok. Then, just what the hell can you or I do about it? Millions and Billions of Ringgit disappears or go down the drain, yet newer cases surfaces. Wtf?
Why don't we just sit down and use our shitty brains to think deeply why all these continues. No need to go that far. Just think back. Just ask your brother, sister, cousin, nephew, niece, grandpa, grandma, uncles..blah..blah..why these assholes continue to plunder and blunder thus making our lives so suckingly SUXs!!!

Did they vote the last time?
Were they registered voters?
Did they care? I was shockingly amazed that many did not care to vote.
Their stupid reasons were:-

i) No time to vote
ii) Not interested in politics
iii) No difference as my one vote don't count.
iv) Don't like the candidate of the area.
v) Not bothered

Not bothered? Let me tell you friend, you may have kids (or going to have kids) and their life is going to SUX big time. You, their parent may have already condemned their lives to hell and they may end up being maids, dvd sellers, mandarin orange sellers, washing hairs, selling dried pork meat, bouncers for ah longs....
Put down your blardy smart phone and think real hard....

Welcome to reality!
Stop bitching about. Blardy fark!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fancy Me?

A new foodie joint has open in Klang today.
It is called Fancy Mee, a Pan Mee outlet located in Setia Alam. Although Klang is famous for its Mee Hun Ker (Meen Fun Koh), we are so familiar with the soup version (original) a variety from Jalan Batu, (KL) Kuala Lumpur, is the dry, version and have been available in Kota Damansara and PJ.
My earlier blog (and video) refers.
We also like the dry version which is a welcome choice when you like dry chillis to 'oomph' up your afternoon.
Fancy Mee is opened from 11am till 8pm daily and closes on Monday.
Please watch the video for the address and GPS co-ords.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ayam, Kambing, Beg

AYAM, KAMBING, BEG....[in the Malay Language]
I AM COMING BACK!!!!! (Chicken, Goat and a Bag)

Get ready to rock and join us to do some birds talking or talking cock. I have been too quiet for too long and aching to shoot some cock who have been a kinda asshole lately.