Sunday, August 31, 2008

Best in Klang!

Best Satay &
Nasi Lemak in our Town

After eating around and seeking for 'that perfect' old fashioned Satay, we have decided that the Best (in our humble opinion) in Klang is at "Uncle Satay". They are located in front of the flyover on Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, the newly widened highway towards Port Klang.
We have been patronising this shop for the last 4 years.

The main reason for our choice is that the owner actually care for their customers. They ensures that the food they serve is 'perfect'. The satay is done well, really cooked and not over burnt.
The kuah (gravy) is Kajang Style and one can add extra 'oomph' if you like it chilli hot! With da on goings in our political scene after PP P44, one got to add extra chillies!!!!!!!
The chicken, beef and lamb are well marinated too and the portion of the meat is generous.
Unlike the rest of the 'Klang' styled satay which is towards the 'javanese' type, this is truly the one we are used to.

Their Nasi Lemak is superb and the Auntie only serves this during dinner time and in limited quantity too. Go there around 6.30pm and you can see her pack into small bungkus.
It would be all gone by 8pm! We packed a dozen for the Olympic closing ceremony on TV last week! Yummy!

The other similar satay is of course the (franchised) Hj Samuri Kajang Satay (located in Bukit Tinggi) Klang. We have totally given them up due to its 'arrogance/stuck up/eat, eat,dowan? get lost' attitude. This happened all the time!Try asking for more gravy!!!!!!!!

Hj. Sam's original store in Kajang is always still da best. It used to be our favourite besides the oldie Restoran Malaysia. (read...there in Kajang only). The ones found all over the country are pure rubbish! We are always 'lucky' to get the 'spoils' such as being over burnt. Not over-done mind you, but burnt ala carbonised but still raw and cold on the insides! It was supposed to be headed to the garbage bin but I guess, someone have pay for it. It might well be a 'suckered' customer! One sure get cancer this way.

If this is Australia, the outlet will be closed quick, quick!!!! It is a health hazzard! Just where are the health inspectors? "Franchising my boy,'d got to monitor 'em like crazy ....they can make you rich or they can kill ya!..."Oh nevermind...close one eye! Malaysia Boleh!

Sorry....gone off track for a while but have to explain why Uncle Satay is still our choice. Moreover, Uncle Satay uses the traditional charcoal fire unlike Hj Sam's.

Satay anyone?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Screw, Nut, Bolt and Washer 101

Engineering for Dummies!

Some guys go through extra 'length' to do anything to impress his girl.

Dummy one: He used a metal washer!
Dummy two: He used a metal nut!

Next Dummy: Why not use a bowling Ball?
See what happened in KL and JB!

Last Month, a bloke got stuck on a park bench in Hong Kong! Emergency 911 took him together with his partner,the bench, to a hospital to be released. Practising I presume?

Friday, August 29, 2008

.......And Again!!!!!!!!!!

Malaysia Today
New site lasted only 2 hours!
Gone already! Duh!

Kicked Again!

The New Malaysia Today Site

Malaysia Today got kicked again an hour ago. It is now at
It looks like it may be hacked again by tomorrow but anyone can go to Googles Search Engine and key in Malaysia Today to get the latest (alternative) site.

Dear MCMC and/or the Goons, Please lah do not waste any of our time as we can always get around it. Unless you ban or totally close the entire Malaysian Internet system, then all OK!


Airport Flight Arrival

Received this joke.
It is really Funny.

Apologies! Not intended to make fun of anybody. Not Thais nor any Sinkaporeans.


MCMC! Such childishness!

As the world goes Forward especially after the successful (spiritually, mentally and physically) Olympic Games in Beijing, and also after our PP P44 by-elections, the Multimedia Authority of Malaysia is set to cause confusions on our internet. By banning some sites because of un-agreeable opinions and views, we are not FREE to say anything how we feel anymore. Freedom IS Dead. It was supposed to be free of interference. Free of Censorship and Control.

IF one crosses the line, just take him to Court. Why the BAN?

Malaysia, the World IS watching!

Anyway, at Birds Talking, we go Talk Birds, OK?
See our new DIY Bird Bath. Maybe we should design a new DIY Bird Bath for each of those 'COCKY' loser politicians to wash their tiny brains in.

Bird Bath Up!

Our DIY Bird Bath is Completed
and Running!

On the upper left, is our DIY Nectar Bird Feeder.

Bought flower pots to mix and match from Lorong Hijau in Sg. Buloh, PJ. It took us four solid hours looking for matching shapes and sizes from various shops!
This is to set up our Bird Bath which is also a water feature.

After glueing up the connecting flexible hose both on the bottom and
on the insides,
and to be connected to a recycled mini-aquarium filter pump, (new one costs about RM12) and is also fixed to an electrical timer (RM9) which is set for 7am till 7pm.
We set it up using a water leveller to adjust the water drop effect.
These five pots cost us RM120 total.
As compared to the one we actually planned to buy (specially made with sand stone) costs a whopping RM680!! Heck! It is so damned commercialised these days.

The bag of washed pebbles cost RM12. It is needed to adjust the depth of the lower section in case some birds do not like deeper waters.
The top water spray can be also adjusted by adding these pebbles so as not to scare the birds.
The first visitors were our resident Magpies who just dashed onto the top part and started drinking from it. Later, one of them took a splashy bath!
The next day, the Sunbirds came and took a sip. As of today, the girl Sunbird is taking strips of coconut fibres off my orchid plantings to, what I suspect, build a nest!!!! The male fellow is busy sipping nectar and cleaning himself.

All these happening under the watchful eyes of a mummy Merbuk tending to her two babies on her nest built on my wall fan directly above!
This is good! The birds are happy!

(Please click on images to enlarge. All images are by author)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Malaysia Today

Change of Server Address.

Malaysia Today's page can now be viewed at :

For how long? We do not know.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beautiful Bee Eater

Blue-throated Bee Eater
Merops viridis

This is a new visitor to our home !
We have not seen it here before. Wondered why?
The bluish color with its long tail is nice. Although he is not the same bird in the picture, is he watching for insects at our new nectar feeder below?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Bins...update

New Swarovski EL 10x42

Here are some latest infomation from fellow birders who have seen and touched the newies ahead of us here in Malaysia. It is going to look like we may only see the daylight of these binoculars sometime next year! A Birder was at the 2008 British Birdwatching Fair last week.

The New One!
(Picture from 600birds)

Side by side! John Ruita shows us the New (left) and the Old (right)
(Picture from 600birds)

Really larger eye-relief which we know is very costly to make! Ben Lizdas holds up the old (left) and the new (right)
(Picture from BornAgainBirdWatcher)

Please go to these two sites and read their first hand experiences!

Friday, August 22, 2008


Isn't This Enough?

Received this bloody note at our postbox in the office yesterday!

Just what is all this?

Matchmaking a partner for my neighbour's Bitch? or my cousin's Dog? Cat? Maid? Spinster? Divorcee? Is this legal? Are we not already over-populated or are we in a hurry to populate our dear Country to the brim until we do not have enough rice and clean water? Are we also trying to fill up all those new vacant houses which were also built with these kinda of foreign workers?

Don't we have enough of Banggas?Indons?Myanmars?ChinaDolls?........Just what da Hell are the Authorities doing?

Can anyone see this kinda ads. in Singapore? Australia? Please WAKE UP lah, Jabatan Immegreshen? Ministers? Bodohwee?

As Citizens, we are very worried about this kinda things. We ask you to help us rid the un-necessary influx of these people who, in their own country cannot even handle their own problems. We need to feel safe. Too much rapes, robberies, Con jobs, Health problems at eateries and even Murders!

With phone numbers printed so boldly on the leaflet, just ACT!!!

Instead of spending so much time & activity around Anwar's Backside!!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ooops! Wrong Bird!!

A Lovely picture of a
Hummingbird on a Billboard Advertisment.

Why do the project people in the haste to do their job quickly, do not really check what their Advertising Guys' concept is prior to approval? Ignorance on the part of the Artist? the Art Director?

This huge Billboard is located in Jalan Banting, Klang before reaching Jusco shows a picture of a Hummingbird, idicating what to expect when one buys this property. Is there a guarantee that a Hummingbird would drop by? What if not? Do we get our money back? Say RM800,00.00 to RM1 million for that house? Neh!!!!!Pooodah!
You see, the picture featuring this hummer is not correct. Malaysia do not have Hummingbirds. Not even in Singapore, Thailand, India, Indonesia, European Union, Japan, China, Australia, Africa, Middle East, Russia..............
Another huge billboard is on the highway leading to the KLIA. Wondering what the learned would say, since these houses are intended for the higher income group. Wouldn't this be classified as false advertising? In Amerlika, one can get sued till his pants drop in cases like this!

Still wondering what has happened to the massive so called "Gold Coast" project which is located on a river mouth near Tanjung Sepat? Are we to expect miles of 'golden-coastal sandy beaches'?Or miles of mud flats?

Come on lah, let us all look ahead and aim for better quality and truth ok? Money is not everything. The World is watching us.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Malaysian Quality?

Wat Da Meaning?
Singing songs from another culture is a challenging feat. That is admirable.
But the afternoon daily of 19th. August, 2008 The Malay Mail's reporting error is not!
Just what is happening to our quality of the English Language?
Or is it poor proof reading?

It Works!!!

A DIY Nectar-Feeder Works!
Here is our Resident Sunbird taking a sip!

For the last six months, we were trying to buy some bird feeders. We were looking for both, the seed and the nectar types as we were very interested in feeding our Malaysian Wild birds such as the Sunbird ( an alternative to the Hummingbirds which is ONLY found in North & South America).

We were very shocked to find that in Asian Countries, almost no one feeds wild birds this way! Therefore no shops sells this kind of feeders! Try going to a petshop nearby. We even tried to buy one from the Biggest Pet Store in Malaysia (at Ikano Shopping Centre, in PJ) but failed. Although most of these feeders are made in China, they go to the rest of the world but here. Still wondering why? Do we not love nature? At the rate of de-forestation, where are the birds going to go for food and water to survive ?

Here are some examples of the right feeders currently being sold in the USA & UK.

The Seed type. (below)

The Nectar type. (below)

No, you cannot get it in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Even some members of the Malaysian Nature Society says it does not work!!!!! I wanted to buy one from them.

So we decided to make one ourself. We went to a Nick-Nack shop in Klang Parade located on the first floor. Bought the materials such as a plastic container with a cover, artificial fabric flower in bright red colour, a decorated fern like plant with small flowers, a wire basket, drinking straws and plenty of hope.
With a drill and a hot-glue gun, we assembled it. (Click on pictures to enlarge image)

It finally looked like this. Nice?
I mistakenly placed diluted honey for the first 3 days but failed to attract any birds.
Later I discovered that using honey was a no, no. Honey ferments almost immediately upon mixing with water. Today, I took it down, wash it up and placed sugar water instead.

The Sunbirds came in less than an hour!

Just watch this You Tube clip!

Now that's life! Our Malaysian Sunbirds do look like Hummers.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fruit Identified!

Crescentia cujete
aka Calabash Tree fruit
The fruit that we bought last week is not deemed totally safe to consume as there are lots of caution made in the use of this fruit said to be from South America. The Hawaiian name is called laamia.
(The above picture is taken from a specimen centre in Hawaii)

How did it get here? I was told that it is grown locally but not much is known about is. Thanks to fellow Naturalists from the MNS, I am now aware of its safety. In conclusion, I am NOT eating/cooking this fruit . I also suggest that those who come across such fruit to think twice.
We got it from a side stall in Ulu Yam Lama.
I also hope that Botanists here in Malaysia can enlighten us further about this 'laamia' fruit and also to clarify the connection between the so called "Mo Fa Kor" label because the seller repeatedly mentioned this name when selling us this fruit.

(All above pictures from Google Images)

Malaysia's Silver Medal

Well Done Chong Wei

You have done your Best!
Congratulations! You have done us proud.

It looks like it would be Malaysia's ONLY Olympic Medal for 2008.

Malaysia Boleh.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Please help me Identify this Fruit

Mo Fa Kor?

Bought a kind of fruit which is largely unknown.
Bought this at Ulu Yam last Sunday and is being sold by a road side stall.
I was told that it is a herb and is used to prepare a healthy drink from it. One must break open the fruit by 'smashing' it on the floor and scoop out the flesh to be boiled together with dried longan, dried red dates and gula Melaka for four hours. To drink it cool.
Tried getting help from MNS forum but to no avail. I would like to know the scientific name and our local name. The seller said that it is called "Mo Fa Kor". That's it. The 'other' kind of Mo Fa Kor I am familiar with is the one that is sold at candy stores in packets featuring a picture of a gentleman some call him "Uncle Mo". Was eating this preserved fruit since I was a kid.
This fruit tips the scale at 1Kg and its skin is very hard. It is 9 inches in diameter.
Apparently, it is grown locally near hills where it is cooler.
Is this a local fruit?

Friday, August 15, 2008


Congratulations Chong Wei!
You made Us Proud!

On Sunday,
It's the GOLD or SILVER!
Go for it. You can do it.

Any which way, it is a First Medal for us.

This Really IS Malaysia Boleh!!!!!!!!!