Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bookshop for Dummies!

Poor Service: Are they not proud to have a job?

Dropped by the Bukit Rajah Shopping complex here in Klang.
Wanted to buy three items on my shopping list.
One of the item was:

    A book entitled: "SW radio listening for Dummies"
    Walked into MPH.
    We have shopped here before, but it was since....'transformed'.

    "Excuse me ma'am, where can I find books for Dummies?"
    "Err...yes, behind there, near the 'Teen Reading' section"
    "OK thanks,.. I'll go look"
    After 3 minutes of searching, I went back to the counter.
    "Ma'am, I can't find it..."
    She turned into a sourpuss and left her counter grudgingly.
    I followed her.
    I too was looking for the familiar yellow and black book.
    "Sold out!" she said.
    "Huh? What sold out?"
    "The book,...all sold out!"

 Duh!!!!! This truly is a bookshop for Dummies.

Are they not proud to have a job? Why can't they give service with a smile? It looks like we, the customers are bugging them and wish that we disappear quick, quick!

Maraysia Bohliau!


Monday, January 14, 2013

The Bible 2013


The date above is special, very special.

The History Channel will premier a new Mini-Series entitled "The Bible"
It is a five part  ten-hour movie starting on 3rd. March, 2013 with the final episode screening on Easter Day.
The movie covers Genesis up to the Resurrection.

It is produced by a husband and wife team. Mark Burnett (The Survivor, The Voice) and Roma Downey (actress in Touched by an Angel) who also acted as Blessed Virgin Mary in this series.

A very touching song "Mary Did You Know" is the official soundtrack performed by Ceelo Green.

Hollywood's CGI (computer graphic imaging) is not spared in producing the scene of 'the burning bush' and 'the parting of the Red Sea' by Moses.

You can view the trailers here from You Tube

 All these in High Definition and Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio.

The Nativity scene is below.