Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What Rubbish Is This, TESCO?


Just three weeks ago, a main stream media reported about supermarket trolleys. Two pages were dedicated about the cleanliness and useage. As usual, customers were mainly blamed about how they have to be a responsible user and help to keep it neat.

There were also interviews with the usual blah, blah, blah on how they maintain it daily by washing and cleaning them. All the big hypermarkets claimed that they are "hollier than thou" and are Multinationals. These public-listed companies even behaved like 'angels'!
Shit I'd say! All Bullshit!

Why? In my many earlier (blog) postings, phone calls to the 'Corporate Headquarters' .....a million apologies were offered and promises were even assured about 'immediate' action would be taken. All pure blufferlogy! Bullshit!

This pictures were taken four hours ago at Setia Alam. A trolley full of SHIT! Baby SHIT! Nothing else!
This is really UN-HYGIENIC and disgusting.

Just imagine, that on a "No Plastic Bag Day", all your fresh vegetables sits on this kind of dirty trolleys!

Just where the hell are you, Kementrian Kesehatan? Kementrian Perdagangan?

Fcuk you TESCO! Shame on you.
I did speak to you personally about this issue SIX months ago and you did nothing! I am going to protect my family's health by boycotting your hypermarket until you come out with a formal apology and a solid action.

We are very concerned about our health damn it!

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