Friday, July 31, 2009

This IS going to Hurt!

This H1N1 flu is for Real!

For the last two weeks, I have observed a very strange phenomenon. Almost everyone I talked to are clueless and have shown a 'tidak apa' attitude about this would be 'outbreak'. Many are still not preparing to protect oneself against this highly contagious flu.

Be reminded that this new disease is a disease of the AIR! We need air to breathe. We need air to stay alive. Importantly we need CLEAN and unpolluted air.

Cool air created by air conditioning is really not fresh air.
By now, in today's news headlines, many should have woke up from their deep sleep. This H1N1 thinggy is dangerous. What the good minister did was to 'scold' us . He even partly blamed us for not doing anything about the spread of the flu. Read here for his warning.

Australia kena 'thiam,thiam' because they are in winter mode. Just wait till end October when Europe, USA, China and Japan goes cold. It is their annual 'flu season'.

Top Ten Things we can do, like prevention is better than cure (Is there a cure yet?)

1) Stay healthy by eating right, plenty of rest and avoid places with plenty of people.
2) Improve personal hygene like washing your hands everytime before you eat.
3) Safeguard your children by ensuring they practise good hygienic habits too.
4) Keep old folks from crowded places and tell that 'linpeh' not to SPIT everywhere !!
5) Drink lots of safe plain water.
6) Eat in. Avoid 'dirty' shops/stalls. Many good ones are going bad caused by 'foreign workers'.
7) Let in more fresh air into the rooms/homes. Avoid pubs, KTV, cafes......
8) Plant a tree/bush outside your home. This contributes re-generation of the polluted air.
9) Cut out long travelling time in confined spaces like an aeroplane/bus/train.
10) Eat more fresh fruits/vegetables to strengthen our body's immune system.

Here you go. easy right? It is cheaper and safer than those 'antibiotics' and drugs given by doctors and believe me, you would not want to go thru ten days of hell like the way I did!

I accidentally took a full blown 'cough' by a 'fucking' foreigner at a Hypermart! He avoided his fellow 'bangga' workers but turned towards me instead! That was two weeks ago. Blardy fucker!
It was also reported that Malaysia is getting back diseases which has sucessfully eradicated way back in the 60's. It is coming back to haunt us. No thanks to those bloody fuckers from those third world countries who 'literrary' eat 'shit' for meals!
Beware of eating places who employ dozens of these unhygienic 'bastards/bitches' which I now openly declare, seeing where their fingers go 'to' before' bare-handling' cooked food to be served to customers!!!!
The pictures above & below are two examples how hawkers prepare and store their raw food. These stuff are also placed around drains and dirty containers. Sedap nya?

Still awaiting to collect more video footage to be placed on the internet for the world to see and believe.

Still don't believe me?
All the best then. Go get the disease and tell me afterwards.
Best of Luck. You will need it.
(All pictures are from Google Images)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sungei Selangor Dam

A Lovely Dam
Made a short HD video clip of the Sungei Selangor Dam near Kuala Kubu Bahru. It was constructed six years ago by damming the headwaters of Sungei Selangor near Pertak.

This is the same road one take when going up to Fraser's Hill. It is very popular with weekenders picnicking and jungle trekking. Several white river rafters and kayakers were seen in this popular place. This video was shot last month. Besides the sound of rushing waters from the waterfalls, I chose not to add any music to this nature clip. This is what I think many of us want.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Pets' Showtime!

Two Charities to Help Stray Animals
You'd Not Wanna Miss!

Due to recent incidences in regards to cruelty to animals, some very kind souls have responded by organising events to raise funds and awareness to the public. I am encouraging everyone to attend and show your support for the poor animals. This is only a small step but I am sure you are going to enjoy every minute of it.

1)Operafest's One Bow Wow, One Heart

A charity concert organised by the Operafest Children's choir. Its founder and artistic director
is none other than the Internationally known Kam Sun-Yoke. The theme for tonite's
show is based on one of my favourite Oldies by Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein's
"South Pacific" The movie version was shot on location in Pulau Tioman in Full 70mm.
The funds raised would be for Madam Kang's Animal Sanctuary in Taiping, Perak and the FFF
Furry Friends Farm in Kundang, Selangor. Mrs. Kam added that the main purpose is to teach
children to be kind to pets. Way to go, Mrs Kam! A big Thank You!

2) R.A.V.E.2SAVE
As already mentioned on my earlier blog, this fun and exciting event would also be very interesting especially to the young at hearts and would be adults soon.Thanks again KDU!

So there you are, this weekend is going to be enjoyable and full of fun for everybody.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Best Chicken Rice in Klang 2009

Top 1 Chicken Rice
For four years in a row, we have voted this stall to be our choice for the Best Hainanese Chicken Rice in Klang 2009.
Yup, it beats the all time favourite at the Emporium makan, the overated, most expensive 'golf-ball' chicken rice near the railway station and the one behind Malayan Banking on the same road as this best.

The Emporium Makan stall was our favourite for a while but because of its bad service, dirty and smelly environment, we have not gone there for a while. They open only from 6pm till 9pm.

Hiang Kee's chicken rice is our number 2 choice (related to the Emporium Makan's). Price wise, they are out a bit. They's got an added point mainly because they serves from 10am till 3pm and 5pm till 9pm.

Why we like Top 1?
You got to go eat it to try it out. They got the fresh chicken well cooked, excellent rice done to perfection which is very fragrant and tasty. The chilli sauce is great. Please note that his style comes with an 'extra' sauce. It is a paste made of young ginger and garlic. My observation is that many prefer not to add this sauce onto the chicken but put it on a separate saucer as a dip. Do let da boss, Mr. Tan know of your preference.
Also, if you like garlic, do ask him to add some boiled garlic in the soup bowl. I like mine plenty of those soft garlic! Yummy!!!! Chicken (& garlic) soup for the Soul!
The thing about this place is that they are only opened from 7am till 11am! Gosh only four hours!
Our relatives also loves this stall and they leave early from KL and PJ!!!

See our HD VIDEO on this foodie joint!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pet Adoption

Ok, I received an email about the coming RAVE2SAVE fund raising programme by Kollege Damansara Utama (KDU) in Petaling Jaya on the 25th. July.

My heartiest appreciation to KDU for organising such event to help save and support rescued pets.

Yes, even though it was clearly stated that all proceeds would go to a big ORG in Ampang, a mis-communication took place. They have also invited another pet rescue group to take part which this group fully agreed to bring along 50 rescued puppies and to be given free to good homes.
Free, it would mean getting it free of charge after taking all necessary particulars and promise that the pup would get good care, food and plenty of love.
The big ORG is not giving any pups or rescued dogs free. One must pay for a rescued animal!

Why is that so?

Go to Malaysian Dogs Deserves Better. website to see their reasoning.

Niamahfulat! (again) Do any of us really know the realities of our today's economic situation?

With so much going on, such as the H1N1 flu, forth coming increase of household electricity, increased bus and taxi fares, food prices....etc, many would now be very sensitive about spending.
Mentally, an average family also have to worry about security and the current political on goings which is the main concern of trying to be 'sane' everyday.

I must admit that the last thing on people mind nowadays, is charity and doing good.

I was told off, just two days ago that many are very concerned about their daily survival and this family gave me a good ticking off about saving strays, be it dogs or cats. So where do these poor animals go to? Monetary support from the public are getting scare.

Just why can't this big ORG accepts the 50 rescued pups and work hand-in-hand with other rescue groups who eventually share the same good line of thought? There are also plenty more
where-it-came-from, as estimates of stray animals runs into thousands?

By the way, Dr Chan Kah Yein's Inti College programme came off beautifully because young adults are being taught to love all animals. We need to start them young to solve the problems of strays. Importantly, they should not be told (politically) where not to get/buy rescued pets.
By doing so, it look like the big ORG is already teaching these young adults the fundamental of politics!!!!

This was how the problem of strays happened in the first place!

Really Fulat!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Paya Indah Wetlands-Today

More Fierce than MACC!
This morning, I made an appointment with 3 Heepokhisnoses and 2 kookoodiles at Paya Indah Wetlands.
Geez! I was da only visitor!!! ;-)
The Badak how to spell this er..hippo?
OK...just look at me in da eye and say......
..hippo..po..ta..mus...! easy?

Abuthen, this buaya tembaga (above) is fierce too!

Also caught a Purple Swamphen among da lotuses!
And.... a Greater Coucal
But....could not take a picture of the sexy male Baya weaver bird who built a semi-detached nest for his two wives!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Part 2-Slide show-Malaysian Orchid Species

Orchidaceae Malaysiana

The part 2 of our slide show is now up on Youtube.

This is the second of our 20 in total. I have reduced it to 3 minutes instead of five per part. No thanks to the darn (TakMalu) TMNut's Stimix 'narrowband' ultra-slow speed that many of you gave up while waiting for it to stream completly.

Pay for 1Mbps but get only 37.2Kbps!!!!

One also mentioned that the Stimix speed is so slow that 'he can see two snails fcuking'!!! Ha!Ha!
Malaysia Boleh!

The funny thing is that this is my very 'OWN' HD video which I gladly wish to share with the world and is educational. This is not pornography per se. No copyright too. So if TakMalu Stimix want to 'throttle' and 'censor' the net, so be it. The world is watching! Malaysia again Boleh!!!
Damn Malu!!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Paya Indah Wetlands


Just whadda Fcuk?

After spending RM10million and 30 months of work, we got another legal court case!
Is this forsaken place now opened, closed or what?
Paya means"swamp" and Indah means "breathtaking"!
Just what is so 'breathtaking' about this stink?

Just look at last weeks news reports in BERNAMA & The SUN
These are new reports. Not old one we are so used to keep hearing.

This is one of the MOST disgusting thing that can happen and made by people on the top. Come on, this 'swamp' is just some 13,100 hectares of an area which was formerly a tin mining zone. Just by not doing anything, it can already attract the birds.
By pumping more money into it again, adding 2 crocodiles and two 'pigs',would not help. Please lah, just stop it.
Just sack all the stoopid clowns running it.
Also please stop all the so called advertisements listing this place as a tourist attraction! It is also damn shameful! Just Google search the name itself. Tak Malu ka?

"Let me say something to you...(Ramon of Happy Feet)" go and buy eggs of some old birds called Pterodactyl and the Dodo. Once they are hatched, sure can make money wan!!!!!!! Pterodactyl (above) and the Dodo (below) Sorry yah, in English. No Bahasa Melayu names yet. This is also science subject.
This project alone, is so shameful.

Another one is just one kilometre away. It is called...."P.U.T.R.A.W.O.O.D". Cyberjaya's version of Hollywood & Bollywood, which are now attracting illegal immigrants, ants, flies, rats and snakes. This large complex supposedly to become Malaysia's answer to "Big-Time-Film Making" is rusting & rotting away! Another court case I presume?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Orchid Slide Show

Do You Love Orchids?

Have just uploaded a slideshow on our Malaysian Orchid species.

This is part 1 of 20. The pictures are from of our years of research & recordings and each part is about five minutes. Kindly let us have your comments so that we can continue adding each episode which is in alphabetical order.

Click at our Orchidaceae Malaysiana 2 blogsite to see the show.

The Audio Swap music is great too.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Breaking News

Hell Island

A special documentary [in Mandarin] "Hell Island" will be shown on NTV 7 on Saturday 18:30 evening.
It is all about the Swamp Dogs in Pulau Ketam and I hope the folks there can watch this and help solve the problem of strays.

Do try to catch that tomorrow.

Video Light and Battery

Good Stuff

To fellow users of the Panasonic Camcorder HDC TM-300.

Here are some pictures of the LED Video Light and the OEM spare battery that I am using that is NOT the original accessory.

The camcorder is excellent and I really like it.

Looking for the accessories are even more exciting because Panasonic do not sell them!!! Ha!Ha! The Biggest Joke is that they asked me to PAY a 'deposit' to order it so that I can 'see' the stuff even if I don't buy them in the end!!! Bloody fark! It is just like paying a 'booking fee' just to test drive the new Proton Exora!!! Suxs!
You can quote me on this!

Anyway, this camcorder is still the 'king' at the moment.

The Boling Video Light.

With 3CMOS sensors on your camcorder, using heavy and punchy lighting with Tungsten Halogen bulbs are outdated. It sucks the battery dry in no time and is HOT! Your 'actors' will sweat like crazy. Flowers will droop and birds will melt!
This new generation of video lighting is made of LEDs. Lite Panels from the US costs a bomb.
This Boling (whadda name?) brand is from China and is good. The color temperature is great once the auto 'white balance' sets in.
It so happened to use the Sony type battery. As a former Sony user, I've got loads of em. No problemo!

The housing is of the old fashioned photo-flash type. Not so good for 16:9 use. I solve this holding it up by hand and angled at 45 degrees from the right of the camera. You can also select one or two LEDs to work.
The rechargeable LiOn battery lasts too. I got it from Eng Tong, PJ.

Spare battery for the Camcorder
When I could NOT buy a spare standard battery (1250mAh) from any Panasonic outlet, I went looking for it frantically. I found it at Harvey Norman at the Curve. This OEM battery cost RM390. the same price for the original standard one. But is twice the size and twice the power (2640 mAh). It can also be charged while in a vehicle via a cigarette lighter cable. It has a row of LED indicators to tell me if the capacity is good.
A great buy. I thought I saw one shop at PJ Digital Mall, section 14 selling this too.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pet Rescue

My Animal Care Org.

Received a surprise comment from Dr. Chan Kah Yein, a true animal lover and have invited me to drop by at her new Web site at

Do go to her site and see how education plays such importance in loving animals especially towards the younger generation. Just talking and blabbering about adoption do not work.
Donating money alone is not the only solution. Act, "think out of the box" & look at things at "a bigger picture" really helps. It beats sheltering in 'farms' too. Just how many can a shelter take?

She have even visited the infamous "Hell Island" to see the Swamp Dogs herself! I was surprised because I was working with the 'opposite' sides all along!

You can also click on the logo at my sidebar to go to the site directly. Do support her cause which I personally feel that is the right way to solve the problems of strays.

Like I've said again, blabs and blogs, shrouded in mystery, threats, politics and even attempted murder, do not work!

Thanks again Sister Kah Yein.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wild Bird Feeders

It's Feeding Time!

We received a wonderful gift from our relatives to our home in Klang last week.

My brother in law and his family dropped by from Bixby, Oklahoma, USA for their Summer vacation enroute to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
They made our dream come through by giving us what we have always wanted for our birds.
Wild Bird Feeders, Yeah! 2 pcs. of the nectar type and 2 of the seed type.

Perky-Pet makes the nectar feeder mainly for the Hummingbirds.

We are going to try it out on our resident Sunbirds who are also nectar feeders.

As for feeding wild birds with seed, the Droll Yankees is a specialists.

It is made of brass and of good quality.
The Droll Yankees were for different types of seeds. One is for mixed/larger seeds such as sunflower seed, peanuts, dried corn etc. The other was for the Nyjer (Thistle) seed which is smaller at the feeding ports.
This two brands are made entirely in the USA and are of excellent quality with lifetime warranty.
It is also made with UV resistant materials so that it can withstand exposure to sunlight without degrading. The China made ones usually cracks and breakdown.
Over here in Malaysia, feeding wild birds are unheard of. In actual fact, even throughout Asia!
By helping to feed wild birds, we are giving them a chance to survive thus not making them endangered.

Recently, the forested space we have at the back of our home have been cleared for 'palaces'.
Easily 20 or more very large trees bearing wild fruits yearly, are gone. The birds are gone too.
So we are wondering whether is it too late to put up the feeders.
We will keep trying till we see wild birds appear at our feeders. Sadly, only two out of our five regular sunbirds are around. It is confirmed that the two Crested Serpent Eagles are gone. Also the two Owls have left. We will keep our fingers and toes crossed! Just look at our feeding station now! See if you can spot which is which.
Many heartfelt thanks to Julie, Aaron, Bryan and Chris Lee. You have helped us by giving our wild birds a second chance!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Teleconverter Lens


Tested out this lens from France.

It is a 2x teleconverter adaptor which is placed over the lens of the camcorder to make its zoom twice the power.
The zoom on the Panasonic HDC TM-300 is 12x. Placing this over would make it around 24x. Tested it. The picture quality is good because it is a digital lens.
It would be better if made out of Flourite glass but then, none is available.

So I bought it. I deliberately chose the oversized one for my camera's 43mm filter thread. Just add a 43mm-58mm ring, the large 58mm lens works great. This is the best that I have come so far.
The model is COKIN 58mm 2x Digital teleconverter adaptor.
A word of caution. There are many other that I have tried, failed miserably. Ghosting, Flares, Image distortion and bluring at the side are common. Do try it out first before buying.

Just imagine this. Many high end spotting scopes (top brands such as Carl Zeiss, Leica, Swarovski, Kowa..) do NOT support full HD 16:9 Video shooting. They are all designed for 4:3
and for photo use. I was very sad about this as full HD videoscoping is almost non-existant!
A scope like this and with all necessary adaptors and rings costs RM18,000.00!
I blogged earlier about this (the above) but the test failed. It did not justify spending so much money if that is the result I am going to get.

16:9 is what your new LCD TV width is all about. 4:3 is the old 29" TV you have just chucked out. If you are watching Asstro in full screen on your new LCD TV there is something wrong with you! Please see closely. The images are distorted. People looks fat and short yah? Use your remote and select 4:3 for Asstro then the images are not distorted. But then, you would have two black bars on the right and left of your screen. Why? Go figure!

When discussing with the people directly from the Optic Factories, I sounded like as if, I am from another Planet!!!

The search continues.! Sheesh!