Monday, June 27, 2011

Upside down

Reading Air (Angin)
On Your Head!

There is this world's famous petroleum brand from Malaysia doing things upside down.
At the end of the North South Expressway at exit toll towards Klang, the new petrol station made a booboo.

At the compressed air service point, the 'psi' guide was placed at a position that only when one stand on his/her head, they can get a correct reading of the tyre pressure.
No, we did not bring it up to the management of the station. Why?
Can't they see for themselves that the bloke who rivetted the panel is half cocked? Don't they see for themselves whether it is correct after they installed them?

Or is it that they do not even know how to read...............Numbers?

So typical and it is begining to show how this country is being run!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Holy Bak Kut Teh!

BKT Monks.

We are still puzzled at this scenerio.

Klang is the capital of Bak Kut Teh.
Monks eating Bak Kut Teh.

Aren't they vegans?
It is past 2pm in the afternoon, and shouldn't they be in the temples?
Is this for real?
Come on, please do not tell me that not all of them are vegetarians.
Claypots and chinese tea some more!
Yummy! Ha!Ha!
Please don't tell me that they do not go back to the temples before 12 noon and they are also allowed to beg at pasar malams at night! Nuns(leekor) in white are also seen begging at food courts after 1pm.
Or even circulating Gambling chances via leaflets from the temples.

We don't even know what is real or fake anymore.
A leaflet/flyer received at our letterbox at home recently and many more before this.
[Important disclaimer & caution:- Do not call the phone number above. Do so at your own risk.]

Or, is it a Money Bags year? Prooboh!

Are times that bad?
Even spiritual times? Duh!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Want To Buy?

Ball Point Pens?

As if our dear country is running out of ball point pens.

For the last 10 months, there is this foreign-looking-lady knocking at car windows asking for cash and is now selling ball point pens. What have happened to our dear country? Why is this allowed?
Are the authorities sleeping as usual? Close one eye?

These photos were taken in December last year.

I suspect that this elderly female beggar is from a third world country. She does not look local and is begging right in front of us everyday and a highway junction is no exception. Bigger traffic jam means more customers. This is begining to look like Ethiopia!

Kesian Malaysia. Sudah jatuh standard and by the way, just look at the rubbish on the road. This is a 'toll-ed' Highway dammnit!
Want to see her? Just go to the (tolled) Lebuh Raya Selat Klang highway junction (route 20) connecting Jalan Meru (route B1) in Klang. The GPS co-ordinance is at: 3degrees 04' 21.75" N and 101degrees 26' 59.28" E

We saw her at it again yesterday at 2.55pm. Business must be that good.
What is the Immigration Department doing? Easily by now, thousands of vehicles would have seen her.
When will they act? Until she gets settled down and with a dozen of kids joining her to sell ball point pens..... izzit?

Malu Malaysia.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Money Bags?

Just What The Heck
is That?

Received a chain letter in the mail (again) today. Duh!

It is supposed to be something about receiving bags of money, if I participate.
It is a blatant hoax.

It started something like that in July (next month), there would be five Fridays, five Saturdays and five Sundays.

The con artists at the feng shui arts says it happens once every 823 years and it is very auspicious (as if!) and one would be receiving bags of moollahs. No need to work hard !

Is that so? 111, a money bag year? A trick!

Did it happen 823 years ago? Huh?

In the year 1188? Or before that in year365AD?
Any historic record evidence?

Since feng shui is an ancient art, any old scholars want to own up? Really? Money bags and 111.
By the way, in 2012 (next year) there will be five months having five Mondays, five Tuesdays, five Wednesdays, five Thursdays, five Fridays, five Saturdays and five Sundays (in total)!!!!
So what so special?

Such ding dong and con job.
Grow up lah. Go get a life!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Contaminated Food

Very Unhealthy,

Made a press complaint on what happened at breakfast.

We bought a pack of fresh pastry puff from the Bakery Dept. at Tesco Hypermarket, Setia Alam on May 23.

The next morning, I ate the first one and felt funny. The taste was way off.
I decided to cut open the second puff and was shocked to find that it was full of mould.
Yes, the fungus type.
In our food and it is anyone's guess that it could send one running to the toilet shitting 'bricks'!!!
How can a giant Multinational Company allow such poor food safety standard to go by?

Weeks before I had a bad case of food poisoning and my doctor took it for the change in weather. I recalled eating the same bad pastry puff from the same Hypermart!!!
I failed to take this as a warning.

As a photographer, I quickly reached for my camera and shot some photos and video clips.

Thanks to technology, the macro shots came out brilliant and also to Leica optics. You should see the Full High definition Video too!!!!
Yes, although the pack was on offer, the expiry date is valid. By the looks of it, it is not even entirely safe for human consumption.
Can I sue them for any health compensation?

We shop at this TESCO every week and have encountered hygiene concerns before. We have already made many complains and have blogged about it.

I was even injured with a bleeding finger one evening while using a faulty tap at their fish counter. All these came to naught even with apologies from their many 'managers'.

I lost count.

In my previous blogs, I have made official complaints about their dirty trolleys. They have noted and promised to look into it but even after more than a year, the trolleys are still in such dirty state.

My older blogs are here:-

1) of August 16, 2009
2) of April 20, 2010

Are our safety Food Standards going down the drain???

Made an official complaint to the Malay Mail Hotline.
This is their report of 2nd June.

When I went to meet them to settle this matter, they offered me a voucher and a no-liability letter to settle things. Not only I found this very insulting, I totally rejected this.

Therefore, this issue is NOT settled.
I was sold contaminated food period.
And by saying it publicly that the matter have been resolved, it is a blatant lie.
This is shameful.

My family and I will NOT shop here anymore. In fact we will NOT shop at any TESCO outlet anymore.

This is very shocking as it is a Multinational Company.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Want to do a FAMINE for 30 days?

Very Poor England (pt.2)

I suspect something is dearly lost-in-translation.

On the radio almost every night for the last 3 weeks, I heard the brain-chilling phrase used again and again for the last 10 years or so.

It is the dreaded "...I support the 30 day World Vision...."
Just what is this 30 day Famine?

In the old school, famine is used to describe severe shortage of food and is a suffering period.
Also in the old days, famine happens when there are severe drought and invasion of locust causing destruction to the food production, thus nothing for humans to eat.

In modern times and with high technology, we can and have minimized famine.

Just note the suffering.
Therefore famine is NOT a nice word to use.

Then again just what the heck is this catch phrase "30 day Famine"? Can anyone plan a time for famine? The duration of a famine?
The web site for World Vision (HQ), a charitable Organisation have no details for this 30days
thinggy but the Malaysian site have lots of this poorly concocted 'famine' word.

Come on lah, just cut off this poorly directly translated word as it is getting silly & boring and out of hand. Nobody wants to support a 30-day suffering but maybe, thirty days of 'fasting' against famine perhaps.

Maybe, when World Vision Malaysia gets it corrected, I may want to donate to this charity for the first time.