Monday, March 30, 2009

Is he coming?

Doctor House, I Presume?

Newspapers reported that our Healthcare would be liberalised after some AFTA agreements. See here

Is that true? Ha!Ha!

Would we be expecting characters like Dr. House? Dr. Dopey? Dr. McDreamy? Dr. Meredith? Poohrah!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beauty of Nature

Red Durians

While scanning thru some old photos, I came across a shot taken in Kudasang, Sabah.

It was our old trip to the wilds near Gunung Kinabalu, the highest mountain of Malaysia. This was around 1992. Met some natives and bought these red durians. They do look unique but do not taste good. The red flesh is as hard as the Jackfruit (Nangka).

Also obtained some other pictures by :-
Densonalice of Singapore


Dr. Izad's

For novelty sake, why can't some enterprising biologist cross and clone these with the West Malaysian champion a.k.a Musang King to create an awesome hybrid?
With prices of durians shooting up always, a new one would make a killing!

Go to this site belonging to Dr. Izad to read more.

Any takers?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Gone This Year.

Brown Wood Owl

Last year in March, we recorded a hooting call of a Brown Wood Owl. It was near impossible to take a photograph.
The call...."....hoo,hoo,hoo.....HOooooo!" is typical of this Asiatic Owl found around our home in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.

This year, just last week, a different Owl came. Was trying to shoot a picture of a Spotted Wood Owl (below) but in vain. Only hear his calling with a loud, deep single note "HOOOooo!"
Witnessed a pair flying off this site at 19:35hrs.
This pair, mating perhaps, have been around for a month now.

My short Video clip of the Brown Wood Owl hooting, below.

(Photos courtesy of Google Images)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

High Speed Broadband?

As Usual, TM Suxs!

Lately, browsing thru the net via TM's Steamyx is crawling! You call that Broadband?
It is quite OK if you are just going in getting your mails from GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail....
but surfing is damn.....slow! It takes 4 minutes to load-up a home page averagingly.

Is this really Broadband ? TM charges RM110.00 for the line plus 1Mb Broadband package and choosing the 2Mb Broadband plus line is all pure bull shit because unless one lives next to Big Shots...i.e in Cyberjaya/Putrajaya. Even in PJ, one cannot get 2Mb. Why?
It is the absence of fibre-optic cables!

Just look at other countries.
In a computer magazine in the UK (one of the most expensive Cities in the World) , A 2Mb Broadband package with a phoneline, it costs only RM80.60!! (currency exchange at Pound Sterling 5.2, March 2009)

Why is TM overcharging us?
It is almost impossible to get involved in on-line (network) gaming with such slow speed which is now out of date. Just like High Definition TV, our RTM was also caught sleeping!!!

This morning's newspaper reported ASSTRO also lost money!!! A monopoly also lost money!
Just like TM, I bet their CEO still gets BIG FAT SALARIES!!! Just like Puncak Niaga's
RM 425,000.00 a MONTH!!!! (not in a year mind you!) No joke!

Damn shiok, this type of salary I also want!!!! But I not.........................lah!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Earth Hour

Birds Talking Too
fully supports

Kindly join us on Saturday, 28th. March, 2009 by switching off all your lights and power at home at 8pm. for an hour.
This is to show that we still love our dear and suffering Planet. We sincerely believe that for this sixty minutes, Nature would be given a chance to heal herself.

Click here to join and sign-up with Earth Hour by WWF

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Talk-ed Da Cock-ed Dept.

Now, run like headless Chickens!!

They have talk-ed da Cock-ed, walk-ed da walk-ed and now shit-ed da talked!

Today's newspaper reported they now want to Sell Da Klang Sentral!!!!!
Whadda happened?
Did they not listened to the folks before starting the job? Did they not planned it properly? We are talking about RM300 Million. It is not a small project. Now all fucked up and then do the chicken run!!!
The guy who 'approved' this fiasco should be hanged by the balls for wasting money!
They should have designed and built a Hospital instead because Klang Utara citizens do NOT have one. So who is going to be responsible and accountable?

Besides selling the 'Sentral' itself, nobody is even keen in all the shops! Just see this picture as the banner reads".....plenty of lots to choose from...!"
Now we got a 'live' sick joke on our hands. Why? In these turbulent economic crisis, who da fuck want to buy or invest in a 'dead' place? Dear developer, bless you.....kiok!kiok!...kiok!!!!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Ah Loongs at it again!

It looks like money do fall from the sky especially in these economic turbulent times.
When we got home yesterday, a look-alike RM50.00 was on our porch floor and some of them were resting on our polycarbonate roof!!! These pesky Loan sharks went around our housing area and began tossing bunch of their 'calling card' into every homes. On the card it even claimed that they are "Licensed" to do so and they even said"....Government Recognised License Interest Rate Act Accordingly..." whatever that means.
The concern here is that they have 'reprinted' part of our currency and is already breaking the laws and yet the 'limped' authorities can't do a thing about it. It even broke the rules by using a mobile phone number for these activities and we are wondering why these mobile phone companies are helpless to solve such menance.

I similiarly reported this at this blog last year.
Here is a You Tube video that we shot yesterday.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Leaping Lizard!

Our resident chameleon lives just outside our house. Due to clearing up of some overgrown bushes, he decided to switch habitat and is now on our mango tree.
Photos taken earlier shows that he was greenish yellow in color.
Today, he is more 'golden' looking!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Its Here!


Got this new Tom Clancy's PS3 Game last night.
It is the first full feature Flight War Game in PS3.
Released Internationally, just 2 days ago I managed to get my paws on it.
It is Awesome!!!!
High Definition 720p, Dolby 5.1 Sound and with a Sixaxis Remote controller, the experience is shattering. You also get to fly the A12 Avenger, F22 Raptor and the F117A Nighthawk.
You get to save the Ghost Recon team too!

My best game so far for the Playstation 3.