Saturday, October 30, 2010

Talk Kock!

Farking Useless Broadband Again!

Yesterday an a******e spoke of penetration.
No, not penetration of the famous Anwar case but the 'k***k' talk about how good our broadband is, have been, or even going to be. To us here in Klang, it is getting boring to hear about such 'k***k' talk!

I recall our experience with TMNut on how they accepted our application to upgrade to the 'fantasyland' of 4Mb plan. They took our money (auto debit) for four months while we get a dead phone line. Knowing full that my home CANNOT support 4Mb technically even I live less than one mile from their only exchange at Jalan Meru.
After a tussle with the folks from their HQ in Jalan Pantai and with the help of the Malaysian Consumer Complaint Centre, I got back my phone line, and the refund (4 months of paying for 4Mb!). And still surfing at 360Kpbs but paying for the 1Mbps!!!!This was in 2008.

3 weeks ago, we got a call from a sweet young thing.

She was from the Tele Marketing section of the ever great, TMNut. She spoke about upgrading our line to 4Mb (again). She confirms that technically, our address can support 4Mb. There is a special promotion ongoing and the so called "Blockbuster" deal is on offer for only RM140 per month. My wifey says ok.
So it was an ok deal and a technician would call us within 3 days.
Today, is already 3 weeks and NO one called us. Nada.
My wifey then called them instead and guess what?

Sorry ma'am, you area CANNOT support 4Mb! So the case is closed.

If we did not call to find out, just how the f***k do we know that NO one is coming over?

In the first place, why didn't the Telemarketing section of TMNut check first before calling us to offer the damn "Blockbuster" deal?
What the f***k is all this bullshit-talk about how great our broadband is or the new "Uni****k" WiFi can do? We can now honestly feel how Anwar felt about his sodomy court case because what we are going thru is getting a great f***k from behind with the ever great aim of TMNut's super penetration!

Hey sweet young thing, go tell your 'supervisor' to go back to school and learn NOT from the text books but from real people with real feelings. That would be your customers.
S***w you deep, deep,TMNut!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sanitary Pads

Do You Think I'm Sexy?

Please keep such pea brained people out of the limelight. They are not only dumb but seriously dangerous to the world's sanity. Just imagine that we are still churning out so called leaders with such low mentality to lead the crowd. Are these people "World Class"?

The news reported here.

Just how can the following pictures cause people to commit SIN? Rape? Incest? Dirty thought? Let us look at some and see if we can be turned into a raving maniac!!!!

Was that 'sexy'? Enough to turn you 'on'? WTF?

I would have just opened that main door and chuck this person out as an unfit person with such low mentality at such a big meeting.

Tak Malu!!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Burmese Shrike

My wifey spotted an uncommon Shrike a few days ago.
This was at our back yard garden here in Klang.

I thought it was a migratory Brown Shrike or the Tiger Shrike which drops by from East Asia and getting away from the coming winter months. Upon examining the picture taken, we realised it to be the Burmese Shrike which on record, do not usually hang around that far south!

The distinguished 'rattling' call and the long tail are her trademark.

A Beauty.

Monday, October 4, 2010

KL Bird Park


Did a video shoot here last Saturday.

This time, only specific species were selected and a close up HD shot was taken showing details with good colors recorded. Video filming of birds are very difficult as compared to still photography. The equipment alone is hard to obtain here in Malaysia especially video tripods, lighting and microphones. Worst still are equipment for lowly camcorders because of the price.

The HD Video clip is here.

To enjoy the sights and sound, please do connect your sound output to your sub-woofer to hear the deep 'cooing' of the largest pigeon in the world, the Victoria Crowned Pigeon. Beautiful. Also do observe it's ritual of bowing eight time each session!

If you are fortunate enough to have a high speed broadband such as the UNIFI here in Malaysia please click at the '360p' button to select 1080p for maximum resolution exactly the High Definition quality we have produced in.