Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Great Sounds

ASTRO's B.yond
Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio
Complications explained

After installing Astro's HD B.yond three weeks ago, I have tested for the availability of the Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio coming in via the B.yond box.
As at today from 4pm to 5pm, the following TV Channels from Astro were found to have the DD5.1 audio.

As usual, all the four HD Channels were in full DD5.1. They are:-
1) Channel 431 -HBO HD -"US Marshals"
2) Channel 573- National Geo HD -"The Universe"
3) Channel 575 -History HD -"Hunter Hunted"
4) Channel 831- ASSP HD -" (L) "USPGA"

A surprise was that some non-HD channels are also in Dolby Digital 5.1 . All others such as TV1, TV2, TV3 and the rest are in plain stereo.

These surprising non-HD channels are:- Channel 413 Star Movies "Hero Wanted", Channel 411 (same as HD's) HBO, Channel 702 Hallmark "The King and Queen of Moonlight", Channel 705 HITZ" Hitz Dosage", Channel 713 MTV "Made", Channel 714 [V] "Backtracks" and shockingly our local NTV7 (on Channel 107) a Hokkien soap drama "Strokes of Life"!! Bravo NTV7!

The radio channels are also in DD5.1! Nice!

To read more about DD5.1 go here to see or if you wish, go here to do a speaker test.
Many have asked me how to go about this connection. Many are still confused about the cables.

Like I have mentioned before, it is a very simple understanding. There are only two ways to go about it.

ONE, if you do not have an external amplifier or a Home theatre set up, you cannot enjoy the Dolby Digital 5.1 function. That would mean that only one cable is required to connect it to your HD TV. That would be the HDMI cable.

This cable carries the HD video signal and the audio only to the HD TV. Almost all HD TV do not have audio DD5.1 feature.

TWO, a separate audio cable called "Digital Co-axial Audio Cable" which is a single cable with a RCA head at each end.

Below is a higher end 'extreme quality' Digital Co-axial Cable made by 'Monster' which is certified by THX. Remember that you get what you pay for.
This specially constructed ultra high quality and technologically correct cable is capable of handling more that Dolby Digital signals unlike the old 'red & white' audio cables. This cable is connected directly from Astro's B.yond box to the Amplifier or Receiver/Home Theatre system. The sound volume from the TV is then lowered or switched off. Your amplifier would then do its job. Five plus one speakers are required for true DD5.1 which would be i) front left & right, centre, rear left & right and a sub-woofer (total : 5 speakers and a sub-woofer). Poorer quality co-ax. cables may pose some audio 'sync' problems. Be smart, buy smart.

The outdated, obsolete composite red, white and yellow cables is bad news for HD. It is for analogue video such as Video Tape Recorders, old camcorders...etc. Quickly throw them away before you get more confused. Want to see something funny?
Go visit an electrical shop/outlet. They ARE still using these! You will be more confused if you ask these shop assistants questions! Trust me!

By the way, I am not into DD5.1 anymore. My new Onkyo Receiver produces Dolby Digital 7.1! Played a Blu-Ray music concert disc "Hit Man- David Foster" Wowie! 7.1 Bingo!

PS3 Game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare2 in full Dolby Digital 7.1 is out of this World. 1080p some more!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

In the name of your....KONG!

Just Where Is Your Love?
(Warning: this post contains profanities. Readers discretion is advised)

As if the World is not troubled enough, some assholes are just plain stupid.

It costs RM 350.00 per day for an elder folk to get kidney dialysis treatment.
It costs RM 30.00 per day for an elder folk to take diabetes drug.
It costs RM 28.00 per day for a patient to take a cholesterol lowering medication.
It costs RM 30.00 per day for a person to treat Hypertension.
It costs RM 30.00 per day for a old folk to treat Aged Related Macular Degeneration.
It costs RM 78.00 a tin of baby formula Milk.

Yet these assholes burn up the needed money for cheap thrills such as fireworks and fire crackers in the name of whatever ........GOD!

Come Chinese New Year.
They will destroy the peace of the neighbours. These bloody inconsiderates together with their illiterate kids will defy even the Law in the name of their 'stinking GOD'.
Whatever GOD they believe in.

Be it 'Sky' GOD, 'Red' GOD, 'Kitchen' GOD, 'Big' GOD, "Grandfather' GOD'....whatever but just be considerate to people who just want peace and quiet.

Then there is the year end festival, Day ONE festival, Day three festival, Day eight festival, Chap Goh Mei nite, Fetch the Bride firecracker session, Bring Bride Home firecracker session, Baby Full Moon (sounds like baby's tits/testicles got bigger) home dinner fireworks, daughter's reaches puberty's (so can fcuk already?) house party firecrackers do, Bridegroom's stag party fireworks, House move-in firecrackers do, Birthdays fireworks at home, Mooncake festival, Dumpling festival, Hungry Ghost festival, Dieties Birthdays, Temple gatherings.................
Gawd..this is only from the Chinese festivals!

I am a Malaysian of Chinese descent and have always respected our culture and tradition. I keep very dear to it and to respect others. Do not get me wrong as I have always love peace.

But there must be a limit somewhere that one respects the peace & quiet others.
People are indeed overdoing it in the name of their GODs. This is sheer waste of the much need money. Or isn't it?

Our Law enforcement are totally Blind & Deaf to all these for so many years. So much so that one just do not know how/who to complain to or and how/who to get protection from!
To those who are reading this plea and who are unfortunately involved, please think of all the goodness your money can do and reserves it in the time of need. Burning all up in the name of your GOD is indeed a waste of kindness and consideration.

"KAN LU A MA A CHOW CHEEBAI !" ...Now, please allow me to put in print, the 'blessing' I've just received an hour ago from my blessed bastard of a neighbour who got a ticking off for letting go firecrackers that even set off my home alarm system.
This is at 9.30pm Sunday Night.

FUCK you dear neighbour, for disturbing the peace. May you also need the money for your hour of emergencies. You got kids remember? Your HOME is where you find PEACE and REST. It is NOT a place of suffering and anger. Just what is wrong with you or your brains (..if you got any left?)

But please do NOT do it in the name of your GOD. Your GOD would be much happier if you show more love and consideration to those around you. I am very sure of that.

You are a disgrace! Ptuiiiii!
I have my rights too.

Watch Black Eye Peas here.

Just "Where is the Love" when we need it most?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Penang Laksa


My head was whirling...............Jews/Avatar/9-11/Arson/Sand&Sex/Tigers as Pets/Avatar/Land/Crocodile/Pork/7-11/Avatar/Human Rights/700 Lorries/Silica/Blowing Whistles/Avatar......

Alamak!....better go eat a bowl of home made Penang Assam Laksa!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Steamyx Service Suxs!

You Call This

It is already in its third month where one cannot upload to YouTube or Vimeo peacefully.

Interupted (such as throttling and or 'screening') uploads causes problems thus unsuccessful uploads. Let alone downloads.

Can anyone tell me that we are NOT supposed to upload or download from the internet here in Malaysia? Is this official? Then what da fcuk we need the internet for? I am using this for WORK! Not play, play. And I cannot afford to rent a five-star office in a designated MSC appointed area for Broadband. Do you mean that only the rich can surf the net? What fcuk is all these about?

We have NO other choice but to use TN Steamyx.

No, the others are not available here in our part of Klang. For your information, we are less than half a Km from the TN exchange and the internet connection suxs! The connection automatically cuts off every 20 minutes!!
How did Malaysia claim to be the Hub-of-the-Multimedia-Souper-Corridor where our Broadband Suxs to high heaven? Bloody Bluffer! (....if there is such a word?)

You see, I am very desperate because I am planning to take part in two International Competitions involving Video production. Time is running out!

One is the "My View- The Asia-Pacific Climate Change" organised by the Asian Development Bank
and the second is " 2010 Democracy Video Challenge" organised by the US Embassy.

Both video clips are required to be uploaded to YouTube and both ends on 31st. January, 2010.

A one minute HD Video usually takes four hours to upload via our so called BROADBAND by TN Steamyx. Viewers would need twenty to thirty minutes for downstreaming just to watch!

Like I have said it before, the BROADBAND is so slow that I thought to have seen two snails fcuking!
This SUXS Big Time!!!!
I have failed to upload it since Wednesday.

Now where is all da BULL (Big) talk about the HSBB?
Whadda FCUK are they waiting for?

TN, you have never failed to dissapoint! Never!
Please stop talking Cock and Walk the Walk!

You MONOPOLIZED the internet since day one.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Here, !Doggie!Doggie!

Go and Help HAITI

in her time of NEED.

In times like these, we humans rely on our dogs to assist in disasters such as Earthquakes where humans could still be alive and trapped at levels too dangerous for rescuers to detect.
The following photos shows just how our faithful canines risks their lives just to save us humans.
Just lovely, animals helping humans. Canines are sure intellegent.

But over here in Malaysia, just this week, a team of dog lovers are desperately trying to save those poor dogs many whom were shot with shotguns and were left for dead at the dog pound. There were hundreds rounded up. Picture one showed where the pellets went into the eye of the poor stray and with many other puncture bullet holes as much as 79 holes and this stray is still alive! Since brought in, this dog survives but is crying in pain. Is this how the MPK in Klang Malaysia, causes so much suffering? See another shot of this dog.
Just count the number of bullet holes.! Whadda fcuking shit head did this?

This bloke is incharge!!!!.

Go to Malaysian Dogs Deserves Better Blogsite for more pictures and information at

Sign and voice your protest at MDDB blogsite today.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Louisiana Fried Chicken


Way back in 1978, Popeye's first outlet in Malaysia opened in SEA Park, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

It was introduced here by my business friends. It was way before KFC became popular.
Popeye's fried chicken have always been thick and crispy. When they left our shores, I used to have it in Singapore especially at Changi's.

Last night, we had Popeye's for dinner at Klang Parade. This is their 6th. outlet after e@Curve, Wangsa Walk, Mid Valley, Sunway and TTDI.

The fried chicken comes in 'Spicy' for which I would highly recommend,
And 'Mild'.
They are all Crispy and utterly Delicious! Noted that they are less oily too!

Their version of buns are called biscuits. This, you've got to try! It is definitely better that the run of the mill 'tasteless' buns or rolls from KFC and da bull 'muffin-g from Kenny R.
Their Cajun Fries beats even Burger King's!! This is da best fries ever!
Their mashed potatoes gravy is something you would come back for!!!

They serves seafood too but no, I do not like it. Maybe you do.
But I have reservations about fried fish and shrimps.
I always have bad luck about fried fish/battered fish as it always ended up with the so called "Dory fish fillet?" ala 'ikan patin/cat fish' from the Mekong River!!

Forget about their 'coleslaw'.

Honestly, if one would like a change from that KFC, Popeye's is refreshing. After all, it is from New Orleans, Louisiana and a taste of Cajun's cooking.

There is also another great fried chicken taste. It is from Texas. Opened here in KL also in the late seventies. It was not allowed to use its original trademark name. Some un-educated ba*ta*ds thought it was fried in some 'churches'. Maybe this particular name also cannot be used especially, ....nowadays! Whadda fcuk!

Just when is "Mos Burger" opening shop here? It is very popular in Singapore,Thailand, Phillippines, HongKong.....err shucks!suxs!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Peace Be On Earth


Religon is supposed to give us peace, love, hope, understanding, faith, happiness, trust, serenity, glow, confidence, assurance, truth, respect, forgiveness, joy, tolerence, positiveness.......the list goes on.
Yet, since Friday last, we see and hear so many negativity and lies, and many so called 'assurances' that the situation 'was' under control.

Just where are we heading? How do we explain to our children who are also traumatized by all these happenings? Just what do we say?
Let us all hope that the Authorities play a level field and give us back what was good for all Malaysians.

During our trip to Penang we took two photos which showed peace and tranquility.

It was taken just out of our apartment window overlooking a Buddhist temple.

Please note the hills in the background. That is where the Ayer Itam Dam is.

When we zoomed in on the upper centre, we managed to capture the newly opened "Goddess of Mercy Kuan Yin" temple located at Ayer Itam, Penang.
It was a good 12 Km away.

Peace be on Earth. Now. We need it.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Small,Medium,Large,Extra Large!

Petrol Prices by Car Size?

Just what kind of a 'cockamamie' headline is this?

Is this true? It was reported that the DTC&C Minister said this.
Another mentioned something about this new policy that would identify people who are eligible for subsidy or not. Can or not? Like how?

1) By MyKad. Yah, the neighbours can be checked but what about tourists renting cars? Expats? How to check MyKad? By Machine? By Petrol Station 'foreign' attendants? Can we allow these
blokes to check our ID? or even hold on to my MyKad?
2) By size of cars? How? You mean to tell me that a 'foreign' attendant can tell the size, brand, make, year, CC of all cars? You mean to tell me that I will have to pay what the bloke tells me? Can he also tell me I can qualify for a subsidy or not?

It also look like when buying petrol, Malaysians MUST show MyKad.
What da rubbish!

A better idea would be to pay for higher engine capacity yearly for higher c.c. rated vehicles rather than showing MyKad. This can be subjected to many abuses.

What is next?
MyKad needed to buy cooking oil?
Toilet rolls?
For GAWD's (...can I use this word?) sake, are we running out of smart people?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fuming Mad!


Whadda bloody fcuk is going on?

Anyone who has brains will tell you that a snake such as a python (or an anaconda) is not going 'anywhere' after a 'heavy' meal. So why did the villagers beat the living daylights out of this poor snake baffles me!

The Star newspapers reported.

Just because the python 'stole' a 20Kg goat? Come on Malaysians, please grow up.

Do we also need a team of Civil Defence buggers to handle this 'almost-a-natural-occurence' in a near jungle environment? Any clown can also do some maths like a dding up a150Kg. snake plus a 20 Kg. goat equals 170Kg. in total weight . Can anyone lift it up single handedly?
Bashing it up for dead does NOT make it any lighter!

Or is it because this poor fellow have been blindly accused of eating 10 other goats so he deserves to die? Just what would happen if it was a Tiger? Get killed the same way too?
Come on, living next to a jungle have its benefits and risks . Don't these clowns know that?
Really Dumb Fcuks!

Maybe, just maybe, I think that the Civil DEFENCE people suspected that da python swallowed a JET ENGINE and was trying to cross da border with! Ha!Ha! Damn stupid.

Now...about the rare Raja Brooke butterfly in another report............need I add some more? Really Dumb Asses!

Just what are the folks at Perhilitan doing? We are fast losing our jungles and its habitats.
Don't anyone up there (authorities) have brains anymore?

Then what do you think those eco-tourists come to Malaysia to see? "The infamous Eye on Malaysia"? FcukS! Any kid can tell you that buying it at RM30 MILLION and sold tickets for only RM5 MILLION is a BIG LOSS of Investment! Piiiiirah! Such high risk! So now, the 'EYE' gotta stop operating because of a law suit.

Then how about some assholes stealing 100million Ringgits worth of jet engines?
Get ,bashed, to death too?
Really dumb fcuks!

Gawd! My first FCUKS of da year!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello Dolly!

DIY Dolly Truck
for my camcorder.

To improve my video shooting skills, especially giving it a 'hollywood effect', buying a camera support system is way over my meagre budget. A crane/truck/dolly would cost me about
US$3,000 at least. Above all, I need a spaceship to bring it from abroad!

There is no other choice but to try to build one.

After a two-week long shopping (not easy, mind you) for some castors, bearings and pulley wheels, I finally rigged one up.

Mounting it on a polycarbonate sheet ( 24ins. x 12ins. x 10mm ) and cruise on two aluminium tracks, the video shoot was 'floating' and nice.
It was really smooth and I am now ready to push/pull a continous truck-shot of over 20 feet! Great!

Would be posting a video of this effect after I iron out some bugs with You Tube.
p.s...Dear readers, sorry for the above (strange) nouns & verbs. These are terms used by movie/video photographers.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Astro in HD

Crystal Clear

Sorry folks for not blogging.

Was enjoying Astro's new HD format.
After many years of old, bland standard resolution TV, the new Astro's HD is a dynamic change.

The old format of 4:3 (read old...just like the standard photo format too!) See below.

High Definition is already overdue-d here and we are now awaiting free-off air HD from RTM..for whom we guessed, have been 'sleeping' all the while.

Astro's Beyond HD comes with a totally new Box Top set, a large (good) remote controller which can also be used as a replacement to your LCD TV's remote, a new external Dish, a new smart card and cabling. We kept our old wiring because it was a 'concealed' system.

Just see the photos here, taken directly from our full HD TV

But do remember to buy (Astro do not sell nor supply) the important Digital Coaxial Audio Cable to be connected to your Home Theater system which would be in Dolby digital 5.1. But then, they give the important HDMI cable which provides video and audio signals only to your TV display.