Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fruits & Vegetables from China


Read the newspapers today and our Minister of Health says that Fruits, Vegetables and Eggs from China are SAFE. Really?
How can it be safe if none of the samples are actually tested? Classified under Level 4 means that only a sample is taken and can be immediately released into our market for sales. It looks like they are more concerned about backlogs (3/4 days storage delays) and losses incurred by the importer rather than the safety and health of us, ........the consumers. Wasn't it the same Ministry that only 'nod' a finger and agreed to let 'a batch of cancer causing' red food coloring be used till the stock runs out late last year? Huh..... da DVD actor-guy?
I read the news at 7.30am today but at 4pm, CNN reported that Hongkong have confirmed that eggs from China contains the dreaded Melamine!!!!!!

If one were to check it out, even in the most advanced countries testing for this new 'menace' is new and uncertain, yet our great and clever MINISTER says it is SAFE!!!!! It was also reported that there are NO SAFE LEVELS of Melamine!!!!!!! Whathen da FCUK!

Encik Liow (not even a doctor), you say is safe .............then you eat yah? We are NOT eating it.

Can we SUE the Gormen if anyone of us eat it and kena problems? We have 3 friends going through Cancer treatments and it is NO fun at all! Trust me.

Take care friends, just who can we trust nowadays?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Little Heron
Butorides striatus

This picture was taken in PJ, along the Federal Highway near the Astaka Sports Complex.

Identifying this juvenile bird is quite confusing as I got mixed up with the Cinnamon Bittern.

These residents and winter migrants are commonly found around marshes, ponds and large drains in search of food. Next week, many of their relatives (perhaps in their thousands) are making their way from the Northern Hemisphere such as China, Mongolia, Russia..... would be visiting us here in Malaysia.

One can go to the MNS Kuala Selangor Bird Park and also the Paya Indah Wetlands in Dengkil (which was re-opened last Sunday) to try to spot these visitors.

Get your 'Bins' ready,............it's Birding Time folks!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Classic Wan Tan Mee

Koon Kee Restaurant.
Petaling Street Area,
Kuala Lumpur.

Visited this shop recently. It was really a re-visit.

Opened almost 60 years ago, they are one of the few 'original' Wan Tan Mee shops in Kuala Lumpur City.

This traditional dish from Southern China is usually prepared with a rich soup stock. It is then served with fresh Wan Tan, Char Siew (Barbecued Pork strips) and Kai See (shredded chicken meat). Eventually, many preferred the 'dried' version now famously known as the "Korn Lo Mee". The 'Wan Tan Mee' lovers will still stick to the soupy original and one can tell if the stall is good just by tasting the soup!
Still cooking at their usual station since opening.
Another follower silently enjoying her favourite!

Tourists abound.
Koon Kee did try out in PJ (Damansara Utama) but failed.

The other one is Ho Weng Kee, which was located in Jalan Petaling, nearer to the Chinese Assembly Hall. Being born and bred in KL, our family and friends have been patronising this outlet. They have closed since but a relative opened one up in SS2, PJ. They are still good!

Since we moved to Klang, we kinda missed this original dish. The ones in Klang are mostly of the dry version. Strangely here in Klang, the Wan Tan is the 'smallest' in the world!!!! Still wondering why?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cineplex Istimewah

Welcome 7.1

Just completed testing out our upgrade and installation of our THX 7.1 sound system.

This is to complement our High Definition TV 1080p which started early this year. Our old version was DTS 5.1 and two weeks ago, we bought our 7.1 amplifier and 13 speaker/drivers for the 7 channel system.
This true 7.1 works and is also backward friendly. That would mean DVDs that features 5.1 is digitally played back giving a 7.1 effect. Only the BluRay Discs and downloaded Hard Disk programmes have true 7.1 sound. You got to hear to believe.

7.1 sound do not necessarily mean 'louder' volume or buying a larger LCD TV means having a bigger living room. These thoughts were already thing of the past. For LCD HDTV, the larger the size and sitting closer to the screen means getting into the visual dimension. Just like IMAX.
7 channels audio mean full audio dimensions i.e. 'your eyes can actually follow the moving sound'!
These life-like sound dimension appears only when necessary such as in action scenes. For example, aircrafts/helicopters/spacecrafts doing a flyby/flyover. It is a freak-out with 7.1.

This is the rear-side of our new Amplifier. Wowie, 3 HDMI in and 1 Out! 2 Digital Input and 2 Optical input!
Seven speakers output and one for sub-woofer. PLUS one additional Zone 2 pre-amp out!
Bi-amping on front speakers!
Our vintage and trusty JBL main pair of front speakers.

A phalanx of centre speakers, modified for higher spectrum frequency to get clearer speech and (dialog-y) movies such as "Michael Clayton" and "August Rush".
Our rear speakers are suspended but pointed down for a clearer 'Rear' effect.
Again, carefully modified for better sound spread, our array of side speakers gives a clean audio frequency between 1,500Hz to 18,000Hz.
The new Jamo active subwoofer is just perfect for our viewing area. It features some control- able booms and spread.
The new Onkyo's "Audyssey" 7.1 channel sound-check computed programming is tedious but is very accurate giving excellent results all the time.

Our connection from the program source is via Monster cable THX fibre-optic cable and Supra HDMIs. Monster's Co-axials are also being used.

Jazz and Classicals are played via a dedicated CD player. The older DVD's, another. Our main source is of course the TVIX by Divco HD player. Our total Hard Disk space is 4TB (TerraBytes)
The final result? A mini-cineplex!!!!Ha!Ha! This is 'that-kinda-noise' we love to hear.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What the Hell happened to our Dear Country for the last 2 Months?

Most of them was a waste of time. We as ordinary citizens have already made our choice for change and we expected change.

The sore losers did not want to give up. Trouble followed.

The key issue is communicating and solving the problems.
We all know that the present (maybe the furure) education system sucks as compared to our Senior Cambridge days. Our spoken AND written English (Queen's) is impeccable and were all very proud to have achieved it to face the World and use it in our careers with success.
Nowadays, our kids speaks 'england' language and cannot even write a short composition without turning our hair white! (iF THERE ARE STILL SOME LEFT!)
Even Interviewing potentials with MBA's/or with 15As, what hair left on our heads dropped!

What else can we say more?

For the last month, I was truly aghasted and frustrated at so many silly remarks, actions and orders made by top people who , in the first place they are supposed to be better than us in terms of experiences and education. They were supposed to lead the way. The correct Path is to be hand-in-hand with our fellow Malaysians of different Races. To be United as One and share and help each other without fail. It was deeply expected because we as Malaysians reached 51 years of Independence. But did it happen?
Scores of mud were being slung left to right and vice-versa. Some bigger one hit the ceiling fan and we were all covered with shame, disgust,anger,fights and even one bloke climbed up to tear a picture of a handsome man. Because of all these, I missed eating Roti Canai.

Then, a naughty newspaper wrote something only cats and rats would understand. They hauled up a reporter and a Member of Parliament and charged them under the ISA. Was all these necessary? Was it also necessary to lock up RPK (Raja Petra Kamalludin too)? Just look at his face. Does he look like he can pose a Nasional security threat to our dear country?
To some, maybe.

Therefore, as a small 'fart' blogger like me, I pay my tax and is a citizen,I have every right to be concerned on how our beloved country should be run. I have the right to critize and be heard.
Just like the old PM said.

I am now going to continue blogging. I will tone down abit for the sake of my fellow bloggers but should another donkey brays shit! Even suggests shit without thinking, I will let go.
Dear readers of my blogs, I apologise for the duration of outbursts. I did realised that I am still human.

I kinda miss the Orchids, Birds, Travels, Food, and other hobbies that I have just started during the two frustrating months. Do drop by again and see. Thank You.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Internet Fcuked-up!

TM Again?
Telekoms Malaysia's the ONLY (truly) ISP. No one else!

Our Gormen have again gave TM (Tak Malu!) the only one to control ALL internet access in the country. The hush, hush, quick, quick (HSBB) High Speed Broadband signed agreement & subsidy have shown that this confirmation is without any transparency. Many are still in deep slumber that WiFi, Izzi, Digi,...blah!blah! are different BUT none of them are actually ISPs. The last-mile 'syndrome' is very well controlled by TM. No one else.......... or else... !!!!

That means, ONLY TM (Tak Malu) can give you the internet!!!!!!!!!
They even wanted 7 (yes, you hear right.... SEVEN) frigging years to decide (yes, you hear right again ...DECIDE, not to 'implement the service') the chargeable amount of access FEE to other companies that want to offer ISP services eg. Izzi, Digi, Lali, Lalu, Lagi.............etc. That would mean that they care only for the "Fees" and not the service to the Rakyat!
So typical of the Gormen's attitude in earning money ...'lesen', 'taksiran', 'permit','cukai','duti setem'......or how else can they service the over-bloated Gormen Department?

Whaddafcuk are the rest of us going to do about this? Remember all the One-sided Toll Highway agreements? We are allowing the same mistakes being made all over again! FCUK!

The HSBB was signed last Month!!!!!!! The Gormen gave everything to TM (Tak Malu) hook, line, sinker and even the angler and da boat!!!!!!! Today, they even gave away a subsidy!!!!!!!!

Just watch! We are NOT going to get anything more than 1Mbps (700Kbps) in this life time in Klang unless we go buy a house next to TM's (Tak Malu) exchange in Cyberjaya!!!! Better still stay next to the Prime Minister!!!!

All these Fcuking Awards like the "Fruck & Solliwan 2008".....here...Broadband Service Provider to TM (Tak Malu) being the best for the year??? Ha!Ha! Please lah, go to SS2 in PJ or Klang to see if there is another company offering broadband or not!!! Fcuk! Please lah no, NO other brand available lah! Only TM, TM, TM, TM and TM........

Please help us the Rakyat lah! We are still being SUCKED DRY until today. Oil prices have dropped but no good news for us yet!

RPK is still fighting to stay free. Just imagine that this person ACTUALLY risked his life to catch a criminal while trying to rob his neighbour. This HERO is now locked-up and left to rot. He is now Malaysia's Public Enemy Number One being charged under ISA!!!! Whaddafcuk?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Spewing Shit Again!

Just Whadda Fcuk Is going On?

Oil price just dropped again . Way below the level when we kena bashed-on-the-head when it increased months ago! So what now? Fuel prices go down today? Huh? Yadahahahahaha!!!!
Whaddaf*** Gormen. Still talking cock only!

In the damn news today........................................................

A Bollywood megastar gets a Malaysian 'Datuk' title.....here...
Shark-Rook Kan...just whodafcukishe? Did this actor actually directed/shot this movie? This Oldman Diam maybe like these kinda movie and fell in love with him and wanna give him Latuk title! What lame excuse. Da world's IS watching us shithead. Just help us tax paying Malaysian instead. What about me, having promoting Malaysia all my life??? Damn.
The following movies (and more) are shot in Malaysia. So what so special with this Kan bloke?
We should have given Jackie Chan a TUN title for all his work which included opening a Hi-Tech Film and Sound Studio in Dengkil which did not get off the ground! The studio is still there but many budding insects, flies, frogs, cobb-webs are building up there to wait as 'extras' for a single movie to be made. Heard that the Company's gone pookai-ed just like the Serendah "Internasional" orchid farm in Surrender!!!(Serendah).

Why not give Ben Stiller a Tan Sri title for "Zoolander"? Which is shot in Malaysia too?

Why not include Datuk Michael Douglas and Datuk Demi Moore for "Disclosure"? For mentioning Penang, Malaysia?
And (posthumously) Datuk David Niven for "Paper Tiger"?
And DatukChow Yuen Fatt and Datuk Jodie Foster for "The King and I"?
And Datuk Catherine Denueve for "Indochine"?
And Tan Sri (posthumously)Rossano Brazzi, Tan Sri Mitzi Gaynor for "South Pacific"? This musical was shot on Pulau Tioman in 1958 thus making Pulau Tioman famous and placed it as one of the the top 10 most beautiful island in the World.
And Datuk Sean Connery and Datuk Catherine Zeta Jones for "Entrapment"? Sexy yah?
All these information are available at the touch of a button on the Internet! Did the Tun forgot all these? Knowledge IS power! Go get power quick,quick!!!!

NEWS, continued...........................................................

KLANG HOSPITAL staff on strike.!!!!! So no security!!!!!!! Salary dispute!!!...............................?
Rounding up COWS??????..... Why not try rounding up illegals which could be running into a cool million? COWS???? Whadda FCUK! Wasn't this GOP (General Operational Forces)..fully armed with guns and all.......got locked-up in a cow shed by a herder last week! Ha!Ha!Ha! Locked up in a Cow Shed!!!!!!!!!!!!Whadda laugh!
Next....................One Bayee Doctor in Ipoh says "..Sensational reporting (also blogging?) can hurt mental health!....) Better stop here before I go nuts! FCUK!

Please lah HELP us Malaysians NOW, We going pookai everyday!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Get A Life, Shithead!

Bloody Fcuking Scammer!

My new mobile phone number is only 29 days old. I changed it from 012.

There must be 'corrupted' officials from this company that sells their phone number lists to 3rd. parties especially to scammers and companies 'specialised' in things like these. This SMS message I received (about 3 times a day) is wearing me out.

Duit Raya? Geeze!Moi?

The sender is 22990. What and where is 22990? Is this allowed? Did the operator of this system encourages such activity? Ring Tones? Nigerian Scams? Scratch 'n Win?

Just WHY can't people go out and earn money the old fashioned way? Plain hard work!

Greed? Gotta pay for your BMW installments? Get Rich Quick?
Fcuking lazy fcukers! What da fcuk MCMC is doing about these?

Bloody fools!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Still don't feel like Blogging!


It is still shitty around me.

Dear All,

Gets up every morning and everything's still the same.
SSDD-Same Shit, Different Day.

We were supposed to have a change. Change for the better but what did we get?

Same people spewing shit from their mouths! Some 'educated' shithead suggests that their own family members 'should' be able to work in the same Government Departments!! Whadda Fcuk?

Let's see what's else is new in the News.

Robber BITES cop and lost two front teeth! Also, a bullet wound on the leg! Guess that nowadays having a nice set of real teeth is also a 'threat'!!!! Still wondering how did he fell and broke his teeth?


"We want to do it in a way where it is not monopolised by cartels or groups"....... Doesn't this Minister knows that ALL key items are already MONOPOLISED????? House phones? TV?Internet? Cable TV? Water? Electricity? Tolls? Newspapers?Busses?Taxis?Trains?....What else IS new? RPK is still locked-up!

.............2 suspects in RM4.5million van hijack out on bail!!! RPK is still locked-up!!!!!

As long as RPK is still locked-up and charged under ISA, Freedom IS dead!!!!!!!!!
To all those politicians whom the Rakyat have already kicked-in-the-butt, shut da fcuk up!!!!!!!

There is a chinese saying that....only in Malaysia, salted fish can still be alive!!!!!
Malaysia Boleh!

Still wishing for DDNS----Different Day, No shit!!! Set RPK Free, Today!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pen/Pencil/Marker holder


Had SPAM yesterday. It was a 'long-time-no-see' feeling and it do bring back good memories of those days.
Used to cost RM6 per can and the price now is ridiculous!

In LA today, it is selling at USD2.90. Go do da maths quick, quick! Profiteering again?

Anyway, as a conversation piece, I placed it in front of my notebook to remind of this kinda spam and not of the ones we get everyday!!! Ha! Ha!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Festival a Happy Occasion.

"Selamat Hari Raya to all our
Muslim Brothers and Sisters"

May we live in Peace, Harmony and Warm Friendship Always.

To: Pete, we did not forget you. May you and your family continues
to be happy, united, serenity and faith as always.

Our dearest wish is to have you FREE as soon as Possible.