Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Saved A Lens The adaptor for my new GH2 have arrived. It allows me to use one of my old 35mm SLR lenses, the Rollei HFT Planar 50mm f/1.8, to the Micro Four Third camera. Have tested it today. Typical of German lenses, the first few shots were excellent. The stills were extremely sharp but slightly over exposed. I will try it with a (ND) neutral density filter. Later, would be doing a few HD Videos trials. The vintage Rollei lens. This QBM (Quick Bayonet Mount) to m4/3 fitted perfectly. Naturally as with old SLR lenses, the aperture and focus would strictly be on manual selection. Do not forget to select "shoot without lens" on the camera setting. The Panasonic Lumix GH2 with the Rollei lens

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Why in another 365days?

Is Cancer, a fun disease to play around with?
Some of our friends are already in 2nd stage Cancer and the suffering we have seen is not a joking matter.

The Star today reported this.

Just why is our health ministry not serious over the health of our dear babies?
It is already CONFIRMED that polycarbonate bottles used for baby feeding and for school going kids would contain a Cancer causing chemical BPA and would be very dangerous to use.
The Consumer Association of Penang have already sounded the alarm since 1998 and what is our beloved gormen doing? Still doubting CAP?

Now our top gormen officials is giving a 365 days notice to impose a ban of use of such bottles.
Why another 365 days?
Is it that there are already so many local manufacturers making such bottles that the gormen fears that they could go bankrupt? Who is the gormen protecting? The faithful citizens or the money-grabbing maufacturers? F*^k it gormen!

I recall a case some two years ago that the red colouring which is banned worldwide, was still in use in the manufacturing of sausages, hotdogs, meat products etc. was also given a year reprieve as a 'pr*ck of a minister saying that .." can still use it till your stock runs out then we will prohibit the import after that..." F*^k it, because many thousands would be eating it till they get the big 'C'.

So, anyway, it looks like it is the famous "buyer beware" cliche all over again. The well informed survives and the ignorant dies. Izzit? Blardy gormen, must everything be about money?

So what about those large colorful polycarbonate water bottles being sold by the thousands at hypermarkets?
I see almost every school going kids carrying one. Is putting chlorinated water safe in PCB bottles? Tea?

I really do not know about the rest of you but I would suggest to our gormen to do it NOW!!! Not tomorrow or the day after but do it this minute, NOW!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Strange Medicine

Must be somewhere
from the deeps of China.

It may meant that all those herbs available at this medical hall is from a special autonomous zone called "Chinse" where the best herbs thrives. I heard this pre-war business have done well and have been handed to enthusiastic descendants

This banner's 'boo-boo' was shot in Rawang, Selangor on one of our field trip to Bukit Frasers.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Finally, in Place.

Still working on my new Panasonic Lumix DMC GH2. As there is a World shortage of this camera including its accessories, I managed to get my hands on the most sought after (std) lens today.

The original lens that came with the camera was the 14~42mm which has dismayed many because being a flagship camera for Lumix many expected better.
The actual lens should be the 'special' HD lens the 14~140mm which is meant for Video shooting. Yes it would cost more but who is complaining when the GH2 is actually a professional camera?

Here is my line up.

[The GH2 is now fitted with the 14~140mm HD lens, the Leica 45mm macro for extreme close-ups (left) and the 'bird shooter' is the 45~200mm (right).] These are all Micro Four Third lenses.

Now, it is completed.

I go shoot yah?