Sunday, May 31, 2009

A lighter side of.....

A Duck Hunter.

A duck hunter was out enjoying a nice morning on the marsh when he decided to take a leak.... He walked over to a tree and propped up his gun. Just then a gust of wind blew, the gun fell over, and discharged... shooting him in the genitals.

Several hours later, lying in a hospital bed, he was approached by his doctor.

'Well sir, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that you are going to be OK. The damage was local to your groin, there was very little internal damage, and we were able to remove all of the buckshots.'

'What's the bad news?' asked the hunter.

'The bad news is that there was some pretty extensive buckshot damage done to your penis. I'm going to have to refer you to my sister.'

'Oh well, I guess that isn't too bad,' the hunter replied. 'Is your sister a plastic surgeon?'

'Not exactly.' answered the doctor. 'She's a flute player in the local symphony, and she's going to teach you where to put your fingers so you don't pee in your eye.'

Thanks Bayi for the joke at Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin

Grace, Please Be Strong!

Please Pray For Grace.

Received news from Sabrina that Grace, the one we specially handled, is sick. When we met her same time last week, she was running around, playing.
Last night she was unwell.
Sabrina have already sent her to a specialist for intensive care.

"...Grace, please fight and pull through, have come that far,......Please do not give up,......We need you to show the other 20 mates that things are alright,...I also know that you have forgiven those who have made you go through Hell..."

Coming Back!

Trying Again!

After a lengthy meeting until late last night with the entire Rescue Team of FFF, and also with some very encouraging news and developments, I am coming to join back in the rescue of the Swamp Dogs in Hell's Island.
My wife will be helping Sabrina's FFF while I go to the Kelong.

Will keep all of you posted on a daily basis.

So happy with the new 'development' and the 'Extra' support!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Time Ran Out


Even with a reward of RM 1,000 being offered by my family to get KUNING back, no one came forward with any helpful information. Time is running out. Dogs are dying.
It was believed that the great 'ORG' (or its agent) have hid him away from us. Most disgustingly, away from the owner. Also see Pummkin's update a few minutes ago.

Yup we heard that the great 'ORG' have rescued more dogs on other parts of the island but why? Why not PREVENT further discards being done by the Pulau Ketam folks? Why pick and blame us 'small time' rescuers?

OK you win. But I will have NO more respect for such an organisation like yours.

I will also boycot Pulau Ketam and all it's produce sold at all markets and seafood restaurants. From live fishes, crabs, prawns, clams, shells and fish balls. Please join me because I am already having 'nightmares' about these 'seafood' eating up meat of 400++ dead dogs. These dogs died in vain. Because of money and nothing else.

As for 'Salvation', I am very sad. I have no more words to say on this. So sorry, Salvation.
...."May you have a Happier life up There, the Great Kennel In the Sky together with your 400 other mates..."

Our reward still stands but till next Monday (1st. June, 2009). We want Kuning returned to his master. When we met him last Monday (25th. May) he cried and begged us to find him. We promised to do so. Kuning himself was a victim of this ordeal too but was saved. His master missed him so dearly. He is a Muslim.

I will be producing a short HD Video dedicated to Salvation and all those who have perished from such horrible act by humans. The very humans they loved and trusted. Of course, I will not forget Kuning, our Hero.

By this, I will now close this subject on my blog. Life goes on.

During this period I have neglected our Shih Tzu girl, Xiao Mei together with our 38 fishes in our pond, hundreds of orchids and not forgetting five Merbuks, seven Magpies, five Sunbirds and three Bulbuls (all are Wild Birds visiting our feeders and even nestings)

Many Thanks to all our friends, supporters and commenters.


Thursday, May 28, 2009


RM 1,000.00

A Cash Reward of (Ringgit Malaysia One Thousand) will be given by this blog site, Birds Talking Too from Klang, a support of FFF and all its rescuers, volunteers, helpers and supporters.
It is opened to anyone who can lead to the safe retrieval of Kunning to its rightful owner. E-mail me directly at: donaldghtan at gmail dot com (Please retype this correctly as it prevents bots spamming). The emailer must then declare full details which is requied for verification purposes. This information will be kept highly confinential. The Final decision of the reward would be by FFF Furry Friend Farms.

Please help us get Kuning. A dog dying at Hells Island everyday is the result of his being 'kid'napped!
This is ultimately URGENT!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Confirmed Missing!

Please, Please Give Us Back

Was with the Rescue team of FFF on Monday.

Spent the whole afternoon at the Kelong opposite Hells Island. Did my part blowing my 'dog training' whistle for hours but failed to get a response. The sea was very rough and the current was the strongest we have ever seen. We were even worried about our very own safety.

I cannot imagine any dogs swimming towards us.
Got back bloody tired and very discouraged.

Empty handed. Without Kuning, we got no dogs.
We stand a better chance if he is there because he goes into the island to coax them out.
Now he is gone! Dog-napped!!!!!
Please help us find him! The remaining lives of the stranded dogs depends on him.
We have zero yesterday and today. Time IS running out.

Very Urgent, please help us.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

She's Wonderful!


Visited FFF (Furry Friends Farm) at Kundang this afternoon. All dogs saved from Hell's Island are doing well and are safe. They are still alive. (FFF is a No-Kill Zone).

We were so happy and delighted that Grace, the dog whom we personally help in the rescue has recovered and her wound (which were full of maggots) has healed! That was the best news we have ever gotten. She was so playful and energetic that trying to take a photo was difficult!
She was running around with all her pals and new found friends. She really enjoyed her freedom and many visitors were proud to see how much work Sabrina has done. What else proof anyone can need?
In a couple of weeks, and when she is more settled, we have planned to neuter her. It is also in our programme that neutering is the only way to go so that we can have less strays and less suffering.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Yellow Elephant Missing!

To all drivers using the Federal Highway, the North-South Expressway, the Kesas Highway and other smaller 'trunk' roads.
Did you notice a 'yellow dog' in a car/lorry/truck being kidnapped from Port Klang?

Our beloved 'Kuning' who have helped us in our swamp dog rescue is missing! Many suspected that an 'ORG' have taken him away because Kuning is a great dog in seeking and coaxing the stranded dogs on Hell Island to be rescued. Kunning is better than the entire "ORG" in looking for lost dogs.

But if you see a 'yellow Elephant' coming from the North or East, i.e from Bentong or Kuantan,
also, please contact Perhilirtan because taking an animal from the National Park is forbidden by Law.
Even though it is a stray elephant!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Go! Angels,Go!

Another Try.

The entire team of FFF met again in a larger force this morning at the Port.

Sabrina's presence and assurance gave us hope to search harder and harder they did.

The entire team of ladies carried an additional kayak on to our boat

Easy does it.........
There....masuk already!
.....and off they went to our base (kelong) opposite Hells Island in Pulau Ketam...(Drat...... that name again)

These are truly our Angels.
It is getting clearer each day ..........who the Angels and Demons are!!!!!

So Sorry My Sweetheart!

I Honesty Tried but I Failed!
I really Couldn't Save You.
I will not forgive myself.

At the earlier stage of the rescue, TV Smith took many snapshots of so many dogs trapped on the Hell's Island. After enlarging one particular picture, I noticed a sad and a pitiful faced, toy breed, a mixed of Shih Tzu and a Maltese.
As there are many larger and more powerful ones around and they are always fighting for food, the character of such small breed usually stay shy, clear and friendly.
Also being a long coated dog, missing a day's grooming gives one a headache. So, just how can a toy breed survives such harsh and terrible environment? It was a sure Death!
The image of such a sad face, also shows helplessness. But Death was certain.
She must have died a horrible death and her body, torn to shreds to be eaten by her starving friends. No choice. The folks at Pulau Ketam and our elected Officials wanted it this way.Money is all they cared for.

From my heart, I cried for days! I really wanted to save her because she looks like my Shih Tzu girl called Xiao Mei. I will call you "Salvation", a name deeply embedded in my heart hoping there are still some left in this island.I am sad. Still sad and are mad as hell too. Hell enough to boycot Pulau Ketam for the rest of my life.
After all I am only human.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another life saved !

Sweet Serene!

She was all alone, she was calm and quiet. She was friendly.
Despite of what she went through on Hell's Island, she looks very forgiving. She is blessed.
That was how we describe her after meeting her at the Port. She was the latest one saved.

That was at 4.15pm this afternoon, just four hours ago.
Thanks to Adrian and his friends who rushed from Furry Friends Farm in Kundang to Port Klang in record time to safely take her back there for proper care and love. This time around, I really saw some 'macho' guys at work!

Thanks Adrain! Your girl is now named ...."Serene Adrianne". What a sweet name.

Goliath vs David?


Being involved in the Swamp Dogs rescue, I really know how tiring, frustrating and sadness is all about. Indeed, the ones who suffered most (and died) are the poor domesticated canines being dumped in Hell Islands by people from Pulau Ketam who are all un-educated about such actions.

Read some e-mails recently via blogs and got very bothered about a gigantic 'ORG' saying this and that, claiming this and that, spewing half baked truth about the whole affair. Why is such an organisation nit-[kutu]-picking on those smaller rescue groups who have very limited funds and people but very determined to save every survivors from such cruel and painful death?

The meaning of "PREVENTION" is very clearly explained in many dictionaries and so is the word "RESCUE". So what is going on here? Did I hear (hic! right that the folks at Pulau Ketam were already in dialog with MPK about the problems with strays since last year. The shocking thing is that this "ORG" has also known about this fact.

Then whadda f*** this "ORG" did NOTHING to take the lead to PREVENT CRUELTY on such animal until it was done? This "ORG" were the ones photographing and distributing the 'cannibalistic' pictures of the suffering dogs which were viewed world-wide and eventually wanted to put them all down? Maybe to conveniently hide the fact that they failed in their mission to PREVENT and mercifully help these strays in the first place.

Come on "ORG" stop talking rubbish and act. Prevent future sufferings by looking further into the protection of 400 to 400,000 stray dogs still alive in the entire country of Malaysia. Use your well funded money and people to educate our citizens about stray dogs and cats. After all, you are an outfit to prevent cruelty to animals right? FFF (Furry Friends Farms) and other private rescue clubs have the right to exists. Private furry animals lovers like us can decide who to donate to, as they wish.

Stop picking on people like Sabrina, TV Smith, Connie, Pamela, Lucy, Daniel, Pat, Joanne, Shoba, Karin, Adrian, BooBoo, ParPar, NgiapNgiap, DingDong, blah blah..............Get real! Your recent report and statement sucks big time!

No wonder, other associations like yours (which are historically handed down by the founding colonial fathers) like interests in automobiles, kennels, wildlife, sports fishing,......are fast loosing followers!

Go figure!

PSsssT!!!!!!! .........I just heard that some villagers are taking action on some stray elephants in the deeps of Trenggannu. They are planning to dump 400 of them on some island inside Kenyir Dam to fend for themselves! Quick go PREVENT such action otherwise, rescuing each elephant is going to be a mammoth task! (hic!) Elephants have no furs so Sabrina and FFF (Furry Friend Farm) would not be involved here (not that she doesn't want to). You dealing in all animals right? Quick go save some elephants' arses!
Or would that also be wrong? Perhilitan perhaps? See?

Also, what was the idea in suggesting that us, with no funds whatever, participate in Neutering, Spaying and Educating the public on pets as compared with your esteemed set up? You Nuts or something? I sincerely wish that those supporting you think carefully.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Have Mercy!
Received an urgent call from TV Smith about Mercy's arrival at the Port. This was just 3 hours ago. Connie named her.
She arrived in Connie's safe hands and was rushed to the Vet due to her condition. She was the one who got away after eating at the pontoon built by Majorie and Karin.
Read more at TV Smith's update with a video how Mercy appeared.
Mercy's at the Vet for immediate attention.
It looks like the girls are more tough and are indeed survivors at these times.
Still, just where are the 'jantans?'

Great Girls!

Go! Girls, Go!

Ever since I have personally helped in rescuing the Swamp Dogs off Hell Islands (Pulau Ketam)
I am still unwell. We really needed more young and able people who have high reserve strength to assist. But not many came forward. Many pledges were made but none complied.

Sabrina, TV Smith , Connie, Daniel... stayed on. Now we have another three heroines who would, like TV Smith wowed to stay on. Even one got sacked from her job!

Pummkin, Majorie and Karin are our true lovable, action going girls! You are great, girls.
Hey where are the jantans? Especially from Hell Island itself? Poodah!

I will rejoin FFF and her group once I get better and help them fight on to rescue the surviving canines.

Just see TV Smith's latest video shot by Daniel here.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Flesh Eating Maggots!


Yesterday was a traumatizing day for us as part of the rescue team that are trying to save as many dogs as possible from Pulau Ketam (Hell Island).
The day before, I personally witnessed what happened at the Kelong as Grace swam towards us.
She spent the night in our home in Klang and was attended by our Veterinarian the very next morning.
A medical check up was done and maggots was removed from Grace's wound. It was a scene we would never forget. These are flesh eating maggots!!!
Is this the way MPK and its councillors wanted these dogs to die a painful and a 'horribly slow' death? Did the people of Pulau Ketam enjoyed the RM90.00 per dog paid to them by taxpayers' money? Just what did they do with the money? A new LCD TV? More Yam Sengs? China Dolls?
One can just curse those who are involved! It looks like these people have no compassion.
Just look at the suffering those dogs go through.

"....Dear councillors, if you have the guts, just watch this video. This surgery procedure was done on Grace. The dog you paid to die a slow death. Especially with our hard earned money!...."

I also wish that those who are involved be caged up and sent to this hell hole and die the same way! Now I understand why wars are waged over religious, political and traditional beliefs.
We really should find ways to live and exist together. Today is Wesak Day.

WARNING!: Dear reader, please do not view this video if you are squirmish. It contains scenes which could affect your whole day! But if you care, please encourage others to see this and also help in stopping such an idiotic action.

Please click below (the title) to see the latest (re-edited) video:-

SAVING GRACE Pt2 ..."The Surgery Video" in AVCHD by Donald G.H Tan

We wish to thank Dr. Lian for all her work, kindness and encouragement. Also thanks to Mdm. Lee of The Pet Family in TESCO, Setia Alam for arranging the cages for us and the many emails & SMSs from friends here and abroad especially close friends like Ms. MJChan from Shanghai, China, Mr AT Lim from Sydney, Australia, and many others who have pledged donations.

Finally, after a through check and with antibiotic shot plus dewormer and a follow through medications, Grace was put on an "Elizabethan collar" to prevent her from licking her wounds which is medicated.

We then send her to Furry Friend Farms in Kundang near Rawang in the care of Sabrina. We are confident that Grace is in good hands.

Friday, May 8, 2009

If the report is True, Then.......

F*** you COUNCILLORS!!!!!

Lost my cool a minute ago after reading "the catch and release" of dogs to Hell Island was fully & officially authorised by the councillors and MPK (Majlis Perbandaran Klang)!!!The Malaysian Insider reported.

Just what kind of Humane Act is this? Does any Civilised Country in this World
condone such activity? Gawd! Please help us!

As a taxpayer, and also as law biding citizens, my wife and I are truly aghast and protests such barbaric and an uneducated action. Now, did we remember that a former VVIP wanted Klang to be a fully developed CITY sometime last year? Such F*** talking.
He and his inefficient team should be caged, and transported to this hell island instead. Just imagine that while we are all spending our own money and time to rescue the dogs, they, at this very moment are stirring in their air-conditioned bedroom scratching their B*LLS ,sleeping.
Travel first class anywhere and still spewing shit from their god**ed ass*holes!!!
F*** You Councillors!
F*** you MPK!!!!
And I suggest we go less to Pulau Ketam.

Boy! I gotta rest......already short of sleep! Come on fellow Klangites, please say something!

The Video Shot Is In!

IT's Here
The HD Video Editing Is complete. (Re-edited)

Also go to TV Smith's latest Updates for yesterday's event.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another One Saved!


At 3pm. today, my wife and I, rushed to Port Kelang with nine cages (bought the entire shop's stocks!) and met up with Sabrina, Shoba and TV Smith at the jetty to hop on the specially hired speedboat.
Arrived at the fish farm (Kelong) and waited for the dogs to show up at the fringes of the mangrove swamp. It was high tide and we could only hear barks and howls. There are still many being trapped and awaiting rescue. It is extremely difficult to go into the thick growth of the mangrove trees. We could not easily see any but only after 2 hours, (when the tide receded), a few came out but went back in, instead.
Then, we were happy to see two dogs swimming towards us. What a joy! But one turned back towards the swamp. We kept calling.

Grace, which I was given the opportunity to name, struggled on the fish net with what ever strength she had left. She climbed on the platform. She was saved.

She was given fresh water immediately and drank like crazy. She ate too.
She is now waiting for her pal to join her. But none came.
As it was getting late, we had no choice but to take her back first.
Shoba and Sabrina holding on to the cage with Grace. The Yamaha 200HP motor IS fast!

We arrived the jetty at Port Klang at 19:30 hrs.

Grace is safe with us at our home in Klang. Will be visiting the Vet in the morning.
Shot many HD Videos scenes especially on her. Will be putting them up as soon as I have finished editing.
It was really an exciting experience joining Sabrina, Shova and TV Smith for this trip. I sincerely wish some more volunteers comes forward especially from Klang/Port Klang area to help us out this weekend. Pls go to Furry Friends Farm to get details.

Do drop by TV Smith's latest Updates.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

No Shit!

Do I look like a Killer Dog?
This Shih Tzu mixed is also a prisoner on the deadly island.
Wondering can she last?
An enlargement from TV Smith's pix.

Monday, May 4, 2009


We remember you Sabrina,
First it was Sheena.
Then, it was horror and Joy.
Now we have Hope.

Picture by TV Smith

Thanks from all dog lovers and you will always have our support.
Keep up the excellent work.


For The Love Of Dogs!

For the last one week, we were making trips to Pulau Ketam.
No, not for the seafood but to plan to save lives.
Dogs' lives.

You see, many months ago, strays (about 300 of them) were being rounded up and transported to a deserted island and left there. They were left on an island dubbed by a MNS expert that even the survival rate for humans are almost 'zero'!

This is really cruel and unthinkable. Just imagine that domestic dogs are sent to the wild to fend for themselves with almost no food to eat or fresh water to drink.
Just look at the dogs especially the 'Shih-Tzu -look-alike' . How can this dog survive?

True enough, many dogs died of starvation and /or killed by poisonous snakes including millions of blood sucking sand flies. Some drowned while trying to get past the chest-deep mud flats.
The recent trip made on 2nd. May, recorded countless dead bodies and skeletons showed that this, supposedly a good deed, really turned ugly.

When this was exposed, Sabrina Yeap of Furry Friend Farm quickly organised a rescue mission to save the dogs. TV Smith and Daniel Tang were hands-on and tried their best. Unfortunately, only one pup was saved. This was because of the nature of the island and many difficulties faced.
Sabrina and the very lucky pup saved from certain death

Our plea to all dog lovers now is to help us rescue all remaining survivors.
There is very little time left. Please go to Malaysian Central to see the current story.

We have now established communications with the folks in Pulau Ketam to stop this act and have agreed to assist in rescuing the ones still on the deserted island. You can donate to this fund if you wish, so that what ever cost involved can be covered. Our friends and volunteers have already spent some amount hiring helpers, boats and food for the dogs. We are hoping to save as many as possible and Sabrina is prepared to shelter all survivors.

Kindly visit Furry Friends Farm Blog/Website. Kindly send a message/comment on this post.