Thursday, November 27, 2008

Handsome Boy

Olive-backed Sunbird
Our lovely pair resident.

The Sunbird is usually confused with the American Hummingbirds which are found only in the Americas. The Hummers are more colorful and very energetic and are also smaller in size.

The Sunbirds are listed as the 'Old-World' species. They are nectar and insect feeders. When we moved to Klang almost 6 years ago, the first pair started a family on one of our hanging orchid
pot which was growing profusely with Dendrobium anosmum, a Malaysian species.
As for today, a new family is being developed especially feeding from our very own DIY nectar feeder. Their highly pitched tweeting greets us every morning and is getting more daring by coming closer to us humans at a very close eye-level.

This picture was taken without a zoom lens and was only four feet away!
Handsome fella!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Which is more of a concern?


In a game of chess, you beat your opponent by check-mating him/her.
Sometimes, your opponent can be very distracting especially he is a she. (hic!)
See if play chess like dat, how to compete?
So much distraction.
Sure loose wan! But then again, our other concern would be the position of the "Bishop".
Will that be a problem too?
Or perhaps we can replace it with this carving? Surely many kids will love playing Chess.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Just what da fuck is wrong with us?


The above phrase is now mis-understood.
No thanks to our very poor understanding of the English language.

When the seller says that "buy one, free one", it is generally meant that when we buy one, we would get another SAME item for free. It could also mean that we get two SAME items for the price of one.

Cock's Mammoth's advertisement last week and also today's, screamed that "Buy one, Get three free!" do not make sense! You buy one TV, they give you a smaller TV, a toaster and a sandwich maker for free. Does this qualify for such claim as 'Buy one get Three Free' tagline?

The executives at Cock's Mammoths should be sent back to school or be sacked!!!! Hope that this person did not get 16As in school! Whadda Dumb Fuck!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Talikoms Malaysia

You don't have to do this
everytime it Rains, TM!

Everytime it rains heavily in Klang, someone's home phone goes 'DEAD'.
So talikoms called their 'OUT-SAUCE' (hic!...outsourced) kontractor to go do some repairs.
Why? This is because our 'antique-cated' phone lines are still connected to copper wires.

Do not know what happened to all da "talk-cock" making Malaysia a World Class Multimedia
Country blah, blah..... and what happened to all da money already spent to lay da fibre-optik?

Went to talikoms yesterday and asked again when we 'pokai people' can get 4Mbps?
TAK TAHU!!!!!! was da reply. Fuck!
Just when can TAHU?
TAK TAHU!!!!!!was da reply again. Double Fuck!

This is a Fucked up Country! Please stop talking about naming roads like "Jalan Multimedia" .It is begining to look like your multimedia is only for the very rich people and ones who can afford to buy a house in Putrajaya/Cyberjaya!!!!
Why not name roads like Jalan Pokai, Jalan Bohong,Jalan Malu, Jalan Buaya? Oh! got Jalan Sg.Buaya already!
It is still 1 Mbps (pay for 1 Mbps but get only 700Kbps) "narrowband" for us in Klang!!!!Fuck!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cheating or What?

This time it's Carrefour!!!!!

"Consumers must be Smart" says the Minister of Consumer Affairs.
"REDUCTION in prices of essentials" he screamed recently!!!!

We were cheated by Carrefour in Klang few days ago. The newspaper advertisement said that for RM5.00 we can buy 3 tins of 'Maligold' Sweetened Creamer. Usually it is RM2.50/tin. For two days, this Hypermart gives you good deal! Balls again!
Yes, it was advertised even at the grand entrance of the mart. It also screamed RM5.00 for 3 tins at the display section. The signage card measures 24"x12" in Red and Yellow.

Wow, very attractive.
So we took the offer. We also took note.

Yet when we checked out, they charged us full price!!!!! What da BALLS!!! Farkau!!
Another farked up Hypermart cheat again.

"Computer error..."the supervisor said!!!

Balls!!!! I say.
The time of the incident was 5pm and the cashier had the cheek to say that we were the first one to complain! Balls again. Just how many stupid consumer actually look at their bill???
Why so many stupid 'chin-chye' customers let the Hypermarkets get away?
Another funny thing hor. Why is it that ONLY at the Hypermarket, we must pay in full BEFORE we see the actual bill? Is it not against Consumers Rights?

Also, can we DEMAND that the Ministry issues an order to all retail outlets that price stickers be placed on EVERY item so that we can see what we are paying for? The excuse is long overdue because these outlets claimed that it is too tedious to do so as they sells by the thousands per week. Yah! they also cheats by the thousands weekly if consumers are too chin-chye!!!

It is not that we cannot afford it at normal price but principally, it is not correct!

It is darn right 'cheating by 'ignorance'!

Hey Minister, please do your work properly lah! We da poor folks are getting broke and angry already. We are experiencing these silly excuses for 10 years already!!!!! Was any of them FINED before?

Enough of cheating and pretenses!!!!!! FUCK!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let the Games Begin!!!!

Sony Playstation PS3
in Full HD and 7.1 Sound!

Just imagine this!
Playing PS3 games like "Need For Speed: Undercover", "Grand Theft Auto 4", "Call of Duty: World At War" and "Dynasty Warriors 6" all at Full High Definition 1080p and with Linear PCM 7.1 Sound System!!!! A Heavenly dream come true!

The new Playstation PS3 also comes with a 80GB Harddisk and is also a BluRay machine.
The DualShock 3 Wireless controller really shocks!!!! Freaking good!
Connected via a Digital Fibre-Optic cable to our 7.1 channel sound system and viewing it on our 47ins.HD LCDTVis an experience.
To me, Christmas came early! Ha!Ha!

Monday, November 17, 2008

A New Bird Spotted

Coppersmith Barbet
Megalaima haemacephala

Was observating from our backyard in our Klang home.
Since there were many 'bird-waves' around six large trees, we decided to do a close observation.
The species spotted were Mynah, Hill Mynah, Yellow Vented Bulbul, Starlings, Sunbirds and a new comer....the Coppersmith Barbet. This lovely little fellow is green in color with a bright Red crown, yellow markings at the top and bottom of the eyes, spotted chest markings. It is already a week and we have already made 18 sightings.
Lovely bird.
Who says Klang has no nice birds?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Which is Correct?

Addressing Names

It is getting unbearable.
How do one address another person correctly?

For example:-
Let us say that there is a gentleman by the name of Barack Obama.
How do we address him correctly (not a full President yet)?
Mr. Obama? or Mr. Barack?

Here in Malaysia it is very common (nowadays .......since good English has died!) that our younger people would call him Mr. Barack!!!!! The main argument is that Barack is his name and Obama is his father's name and calling or addressing him as Mr. Barack is correct.

I honestly think this is incorrect! On the phone, in letters and even e-mails I get people calling me Mr. Donald!!! It is just like calling others Mr. George (for George Bush), Ms. Britney (for Britney Spears) or Mr. Elton, Mr. Bill, Ms Michelle (for Michelle Yeoh)........Duh!

Just because in the Malay and Tamil language this is practiced, it does not mean that it can be changed universally and by not correcting this sitaution, we are making arseholes out of ourselves.
Do you call Ms Lindsay? Ms. Angelina? Ms.Kim? Mr.Ryan? Mr.Robin? Ms.Sigourney?Mr.Tom?.......Ha!Ha! Why not just call the name minus the Mr. or Ms? That is what names are for ...yah? Please cut the Mr. crap or at least address the name in full.

Can you imagine come 20th. January 2009 that we Malaysian address the US President as President Barack!!!!!!! (after all his Father's name is Obama!)

The next time I get a phone call asking for Mr. Donald, I would just hang up......or better still....... I may just reply that the Duck is not in! Fcuk!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One please, not One Hundred!

Quality Please!

If you want to 'Ape' others and to attract customers, please lah, have some quality.

As you know by now, Malaysians are always attracted like flies, to 'cheaper' sales especially with lower prices of Milo, Diapers, toilet rolls, tissue boxes, Fabric Conditioners, Detergent, Horlicks..,
Just look at da car parking lot whenever there are such sales. They even park discriminately by the Highways! Kiasus!
Therefore not to be out done, these bigger hypermarts started to introduce their own 'branded' everything such as soap powders and tissue boxes.

TESCO is one of them.

We bought them and the batch we kena is definetly defective! You pull for one sheet, it come connected to 100 sheets! Apparently, the actual manufacturer's tissue cutter is faulty.
So we as customers, get to buy more tissue boxes is it? Bodoh lah!
Please wake up TESCO!!!!! This is due to POOR quality Control!!!!!!