Saturday, December 27, 2008

What Is Wrong With You, Asstro?

What's With Da
F**King Yellow Bao?

Next Month's Asstro's Program Guide came with 8 pieces of empty Hong Pao packets.

Ang Pao or Hong Bao is a Chinese Traditional practice dated way back in the BCs.
It is a red packet containing money, a gift for/or in an exchange gesture called "Laisee"
It is Red in color signifying happiness. It is explained here and here.

What is then Asstro's aim in giving us "Ang Pows" in Yellow color?
Also, what da fcuk are those cartoon characters on the packets?

Shouldn't it be some Hapiness or Prosperity symbols because we use it as a noble gift? Why is Asstro so disrespectful and making fun of the Chinese Customs and Tradition? I feel insulted because no one have ever made fun of this age-old respect. I tore up ALL eight of them and chuck it away in da largest out-tray in da house! Da dustbin!

Maybe you have printed it in other colors such as green but why not try Black? Blue? I would then suggest that you also try printing it in "WHITE" color!!!!!

I really wish I could give you, ASSTRO, "white" PAO or "Park Kum".
Go Da fcuk and figure it yourself Asstro!! You are already a disgrace to our society!!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sick Bananas

DISEASED BANANAS SOLD? This is the second comb of bananas we bought in a week from a well known hypermart in Klang having some sort of a 'disease'. We did not notice it at first (fcuk! we ate it the usual way) but we have to expel it in a sort of 'fish-bone reaction' due to something hard!

We thought it was banana seeds ( like those in wild bananas) but this was the 'Cavendish hybrid' sold under the name of "Montel". They are supposed to be free of seeds. There was even a sticker label attached to the comb.

Out of curiousity, we sliced the banana length wise and this is what we saw!!!!

Yucks! Just what is this?
Let us see it nearer.

Yet a Closer view- A Macro-shot.
All all these edible?

What is the fcuk is the Kementrian doing? Don't the Authorities, farmer, distributor, buyer at supermarkets knows too? I believe it is not a new thing but why then still sell it?
This is outright cheating because we the consumer are paying for it with our hard earned cash.

I think it is a kind of the banana plant 'disease' as reported by the Ministry/Mardi last month but instead of destroying all those million of banana trees, they kept quiet and make us pay for their mistakes and eventually, throw it away, also keeping quiet like a bodoh!!!!

So much Millions of Ringgit are spent on agriculture research and why are we getting such trash?

When we see the TV news especially during Agricultural Fairs, da ministers always pose next to a giant Nangka, Chiku, Rambutans, Mangosteen, Payayas, and even Peanuts bigger than Balls! Yet we get diseased bananas. Hey, we do not want large 'bananas' but edible ones. The papayas too, are tasteless nowadays.

Dear all, please check the bananas you have bought and make sure they are not the ones we got. Our children may fall sick. With so much genectically modification on fruits, vegetables and mosquitoes going on, we sincerely hope that our children do not grow an 'extra' banana!!!!!!

Even a simple fruit cannot be handled properly, yet want to talk 'big' about "BioTechnologi!!!"

Fair Dinkum?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008



Yesterday some experts were talking about solving the problem of too much Mosquitoes in the country by suggesting to our Gormen that they have a solution.
You see, they want to release a specially modified (Genetically) bred Mozzies that can do a Kung-Poo, Silat and also armed with a Kandar stick to kick ass in Pulau Ketam.
They also say that it can work. Here

The problem is that they cannot guarantee what can happen if it goes out of control! Do you agree?

Please stop fcuking around with Mother Nature.

We now have diseases that we cannot pronounce it correctly. First was Dengee (see, I can't even spell it right!) and next is something called Chee-Kung-cheebye...something like this.....!!!!!!

Just send out more Municipal workers to clean up da fcuking mess especially areas clogged up with garbage thus breeding mosquitoes which causes disease.
Send those 'thousands of jobless illegals' rounded up recently to do this job. They may be the same thousands, if not, a million (by now), who dirty our beloved country in the first place!!!!!!!!!
Whadda Fcuk!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hello There!

"I Am a Green Lizard"

This picture was taken at 1pm today. This was at the Taman Alam, Kuala Selangor Nature Bird Park, Selangor. "Anyone out there knows my name?"
Appreciates if any 'lizard' specialists knows what type of wild cicak is this!

Went birding this morning but all we saw was plenty of "two-legged noise makers" that come in droves. Inspite of large notice Boards requesting silence in appropriate languages, still, these un-educated fools makes lots of un-necessary noise!!!!!!! Not only the resident Monkeys were agitated, we got out of the place as fast as we came in.
Just how does one observe birds with so much disturbances? Pure un-educated fools!
We sprayed on mosquito repellant. There were thousands of 'em. Still wondering how these un-educated fools handled da mosquitoes! There were no birds too. Wondered why?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You Joking or What?

RM300 Million!!!!!!

Just wondering if you agree with me that the new Bus Station in Klang Utara called "Klang Sentral" costs 300 Million Ringgit? You can build a small airport with it.

The Star report here.

I took a drive to see for myself and I am really wondering why it cost so much!

How could a place be called "Central" and is is located 6 Km away? It should be called Klang Utara instead. All da report about congestion, populated, traffic, cost of land...... are so damn lame yet we Klangites have to hold on to our balls and scream!

Anyway, dear fellow Klangites, carry on banging balls till it drops. You asked for it.
Change? Where da fuck is da change?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Shine UP, Shine DOWN

Please wake UP!

It is already a month and MPK does not give a damn. Claiming to be 'World Class' and wanted to be a 'fully developed CITY', such poor upkeep is so typical of our daily life.

This set of traffic lights, located in Jalan Meru, is in front of Klang Parade. The lights are pointing downwards and even the first car on the junction cannot see if it is red, green or amber! The 'kontractor' did not bother to put it right. By now, they must have been paid for a job well done!
Gaji buta!

Next is a street light located on the "World's Only Single lane Tolled Highway" This former Jalan Batu Belah had been handed over to Shahpadu Highway operator who collects a 60 sen toll/single way. To justify charging this toll, this road is 'given' to them.
This is also the 'Worst maintained Highway in the World" which is full of potholes, Ultra bad road shoulders and lights which are KO'ed all the time. Perhaps our Tuanku should come over here to see this part of the 'Highway'! we are so fed up already.

Just see this street lamp!

It is NOT beaming on the road.

It is pointed up towards the sky!!!!!! Whadda Fuck!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Customer No More


Today is a day to remember. It is a very special day.
I am No Longer a Customer of TM Streamyx. I have, faithfully, been a customer of Telekoms since Jabatan Telecom time. That would be in 1973!!!!!!!! That was when I would only pay $7 per month and would also get 100 free calls!

I remember your 28kbps "Internet" introduction. Also the 56kbps era. Also remembered the Usenet. Had wonderful time at Soc.Culture.Malaysia.

I have been a good customer for 35 years! TM have just lost a good customer.
But do they care? Really? The shocking thing is that many were still lining up to sign up for Streamyx Combo while I was in line to cancel my Internet today!!! That goes to show that many are still clueless about 'real' broadband'. Many also really do not know that paying RM110/Combo 1Mbps per month is a 'short change'!!!! Do they have a choice?
Their so called "Broadband" sucks Big Time and all the time talking cock about Multimedia, Borderless marketing, Cyber'this' and Cyber'that'.
Is our "Fast Internet" really that fast? Bullshit!
In Klang North, getting anything more than 700Kbps is a Miracle.

Yah, go give those selected rich farkers 10Mbps, 100Mbps or even 1,000Mbps.
Our Malaysian Broadband is a sick Joke!!!
P1WiMax?Izzi?Maxis?Sellcom?DG?.....................another sick joke!
Yah! FASTEST EVER!!!! Only if you live next door to the Prime Minister!
Anyway, farewell TM. May You Rot In Hell!