Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cannot Tahan already!

Same Time Last Year.

When Durians come out, his buddy also come too. The Petai.

Petai is a soft seed obtained by cutting out from an elongated casing comprises of an average 12 seeds. It is from a very large tree (Parkia speciosa) found only in tropical jungles. It is natural and organic. The bright green seed is almost tastless when eaten and but as a herb, it cleanses the body and the smell is pungent when you finishes using the toilet!
Malaysians mostly like the Petai and it is prepared with lots of 'HOT' and spicy chilli sambal cooked with dried shrimps and Large succulent white prawns! Yummy! We did ours this way!

For more detailed info on this seed, please go here

Only older trees produces larger seeds and the tree itself is a tropical hardwood also used in the lumber trade. The flowers are pollinated only by Bats (No, not Batman!)
Therefore, no bats, no fruits! Less bats, less petai!
Just imagine, eating seeds of very large tree! Can see the seed pods or not?
But Healthy and Yummy!

(Pictures courtesy of Google Images but the one with da prawns is our own!)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Eat No Bother

in Paramount Gardens, PJ

As I post this, there are SMSs and emails all blabbering about a missing doctor and his entire family whose report is gonna create a BIG rock & Roll with the Gormen this coming days. Just like the 'lost' Private Investigator also with his family, some thinks the Cops gonna plea with this good doctor to come out with 'another' medical report just like the PI's second declarations!This week is going to be very exciting one.

What ever it is, poodah! Already blurr with da on goings with so much childishness just like watching kindie tikes doing shows! Also seriously thinking of going abroad for a long holiday
so that I can see animals behaving like animals, birds behaving like birds and not those stupid politicians behaving like clowns!

Before that, I would like to recommend that you try out this KL original "Hokkien Fried - Big Black Noodles.
Since we moved to Klang, we have been coming back to PJ to eat this favourite of ours since its opening in the late 70s.
It is still being heat-fried using charcoal with the stove in full blast/air blown by fans creating such fire force akin to an "after-burner' of an F15 Eagle Jet Fighter aircraft!
Hear da sound, see da effect and feel da blast! WOOOOOSH!
Jangan lupa da special Chillie Sambal with a hint of toasted belachan! Got Uuumph man...!
The menu board also have various kinda mee/meehoon/kueyteow. I also like da "wat tan hor" and "yin heong kong foo fried" with pickl;ed green chilly! Singapor Bihoon also not bad.
The crispy lard you say? Nah forget what your doctor says about those damn cholesterol! The 43 toxic chemical already added to our daily fresh bread (and we think is healthy!) can kill you faster than this lard!!!! (ref: Consumer Association of Penang report). Trust me!
This Ah Wah fellow is big time. Yeah BIG TIME. They are located in Paramount Gardens in Petaling Jaya, very near to the Giant Supermarket, opposite the Post Office and near the Sunday Pasar Malam. I have even arranged before, some packets to be 'hand-carried' directly to a UK relative for their fix! They were literarily 'kissing' my toes for it!!! Just kidding lah!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


ASSTRO! Your Time With Us Is Up!!!

You have just lost a faithful Customer of many years ASSTRO!
I am now confirming Cancelling our subscription. Since our Kementrian Consumer called on us to be a "SMART CONSUMER" I suggest all those not really happy with it, to cancel it too. Do not let them take you for a ride anymore. Why suffer? Be Brave!!!! Do it!

Just take an honest look at yourself! Our habits are ruling us. After paying so much, what do we really get in return? Honestly, whenever we get to sit down and watch, we get nothing new but repeats,repeats and repeats! What do they take us for? Fools? They now want extra cash for the World of Olympics which we have been watching it on usual TV many times since we were kids. And now, they are asking for more payment.

We have been tolerant already for a year, hoping that things could get better but yearly, they reported making heavy profits for the shareholders. Plenty of money, Our money. With inflation shooting highest in 26 years, they should have sympatised with us but no.

Just look at the stupid Asstro View Magazine! On the July issue, I took out (cut off) the pages that do not relate to my package.
Just see how much is meant for us? As a senior citizen, the printing would cause us to go blind!
Also please see here
and here. And many other programming are not there too. They are asking us to go figure!
Ringtones!Ringtones!Ringtones are akin to Ah Long. Which old fart wants to use this? Unless he has a 'China Doll' to Shoik about! And they wanted to charge extra for the magazine later! What ever for? Go lah, get more advertisements from these Ring tone buggers! Shame on you Charmaynneinei!!!
This magazine is begining to look like those galaxy teeny boopers, monthlies but not a programme guide! Come on folks, let us have da balls to do it! Cancel yours today!!!!!!!

We are also NewsPaper free since 1st. June 2008. Saved so much already by cancelling the papers and Asstro, we can top-up full tanki of our little car for an extra 10 days!. You can Do it! Save NOW, Today. The Worst is yet to come!

Now thinking about trimming the handphone(s) bill. All three phones costs us RM500/month! And that would be RM6,000/year! The Croonies already so FAT liao!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Squash Challenge

CIMB Malaysian Open Squash Championship 2008

Was at Borders at The Curve yesterday.

They were preparing for the CIMB Squash Challenge this Saturday and our very own 'Datuk" is playing.

The main Concourse area was converted to a lovely Squash court with excellent 360 degree view looking thru the surround GLASS area.


See you there! Sure going to be a 'Lau Juak' one!

Friday, July 18, 2008



This passenger is sitting in the last row of a bus, (our dear public transport system). He looks worried sitting higher than in an ordinary car! Is this safe? Is this safe at 90 Kph? 110 Kph? Where is his safety belt? I can even see his toes!

Duh! Just see this!
One cannot imagine what happens if one of these girls sits there!
Honk!Honk!Screeeeech........ Crash!Kaboom!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Swarovski Binoculars

A New Model next Month.

Swarovski's New "DIMENSION"
Take part in the new launch here

With the latest Nikon EDG, Leica's HD binoculars, Swarovski has announced their new range and would be launching it late August 2008. Already a top notch brand, the new model is surely going to 'one-up' the rest further.



While fiddling with my new Sony DSC H50 camera and with its awesome zoom, we now know what is flying above our home everyday. You see, we are located right above the 'landing pattern' of the KLIA North approach in Klang Utara and usually hears any aircraft flying pass.

This time, we decided to 'shoot' em and try to find out which airline and what type of aircraft it is. It is a bird too. Iron bird that is.

Usually our older camera would produce this kind of shots and enlarging them via a computer, the resolution would be poor.

This time is different.

A Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 (above)

Etihad Airlines Boeing 777

A Thai Airways Airbus A330 (above)

Da famous "Tony Fernandes Airline" Airbus A320 (above)

A Singapore Airlines Airbus A330 (above)

China Airlines Jumbo Boeing 747 (above)

Even Helicopters. This Agusta flew past twice. With its red color marking, we could not confirm whose is it. Could it be PDRM rescue unit by looking at its side winch?
Watch out! Klang Crows can be very 'garang' one. This one was seen chasing an 'iron bird' which looks like a Robinson R44. Can anyone confirm this copter's make?
If you are very interested to see aircrafts in full resolution , go to my favourite site at These guys are serious and professional about this kind of passion. Below is a sample shot from this site. The military jets are awesome too.

Click on above picture to enlarge and watch its High Definition!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Da Great Debate

I Missed Da Great Debate on TV!

Due to an urgent matter, I missed the much awaited debate about the fuel increase!
I managed to catch the tail-end during a repeat. That means, I missed alot of goodies.
But this morning, it is confirmed that there may never be a round two with both debators!
This is because the other bloke been arrested!

From comments pasted on da net, it looks like one of them was so 'garang' that he was 'frothing' in his mouth!!! That part, I saw clearly. Told my wife: "Is there something wrong with him?"
I later added that " He can speak but kept missing the point, he stayed UNfocused and the frothing showed too clearly.....and it was going to drip all over the floor!!!" I was worried then.

My question would be: During his rehearsal, did he not froth in the mouth? Did his coach/assistants see this? Is he the ONLY good speaker they have?

My advice is this, the next time he speaks, please lah get an assistant to go wipe his mouth every 2 minutes or every one minute should the talk gets too 'Hot". Also please get a medical team on stand by. Perhaps, check him for Rabies and give him da shots prior to the debate. We should at least protect his fellow speaker, the cameramen, the soundman........Maybe also get the Jabatan Haiwan on standby with ropes.

Here is a part of da Great Debate:


It's That Time Of The Year Again!!!!

The King of Fruit is Bbbback! ..Yeah.... D*U*R*I*A*N*S!!!!!

We have two excellent "Good-Durian-Detectors" at Home! Wifey and Xiao Mei! All they have to do is to take a bite of a good durian and they start to ................Sneeze!
You see, we managed to get some of the best ones such as "Musang King ( aka MauSangWong or Raja Kunyit), "Red Prawns (aka AngHae), XO, D24, Trekka and D2.
When our specialists goes....AhChooooo! Wheeeeze!....then, these durians are darn good!
Picture below is the XO variety.
See? Da seed is so small and flat also!!
So how? Wifey:....burp!, Xiao Mei:.....BUURPPPPP! AAAAAH!

(p.s. Chris,Julie,Dan.........this is also dedicated to all of you!!!)Ha!Ha!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The World IS Watching!!!!

Dear Politicians

Please stop all the Mud Slinging and please stop talking Bull! We are getting fed-up already!

Just look at the 4-day traffic jams due to road blocks! Are we already in a Police-State? Just see and feel the helicopters hoovering around. Are all of you in the state of Panic?
Jobs and businesses have already incurred losses!

The entire World is watching us as we are hitting the headlines for da wrong reasons!
Please give us back some dignity (...if we still have some left....) and pride as Malaysians.

We have claimed so much FIRST'S and BEST'S such as (..formally..) Tallest Building, Biggest Airport, Tallest Tower, Best Super Multi Media Corridor, Best Airline, Best Car, World Class Port, Smart Schools, Smart Hospital, Smart MyKad, Smartest TAG (...that eats up the 9v battery faster than you can replace it....), Best Brand Telecommunication Company, Best LCCT airport, Best and Smart Public Transportation, Best Taxi, Smart Phone, Best Nasional Service....etc.

Talked the talk, but could not walk the walk! And now is like a limping arsehole.

Do anyone of you realise how far behind we are left, when it comes to the 'actual' World sense?

How come we are not included in the Worldwide launch of the iPhone but 75 other countries are in? How come Sony Playstation 3 are still not launched in Malaysia after 3 years? How come we in Malaysia still do not have HDTV whereas a small island somewhere in the frigid coldness of the North Atlantic called Faroe Islands have HDTV? How come so many International Airlines that lands in the new airports of Thailand, Singapore, HongKong, Beijing do not land here in KLIA?How come our Internet so-called Broadband's speed do not exceed 800kbps all the time (for most of us)?
And finally, how come Malaysia is going to be included with current countries like Botswana, Lesotho, Bolivia, Trinidad & Tobago, Swaziland (...not Switzerland...), and Namibia by Britian (UK)
that we NEED to apply for a VISA to visit their Country by end of this year? This is utterly Stupid!

Our politicians are causing the world to be so unsure about us. Looks like we are really going BACKWARDS (superfast) instead of looking forward. What we really need is SMART politicians to make the entire world feeling SAFE and happy about us Malaysians. Please Help Us, Heal Us and stop all the current stupidities immediately!

Maybe in due course, the only place we do not need a Visa is at the International Space Station in Outer Space!!!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

What the Heck!


Come Merdeka, there would be many of us flying the Country's flag.

It have been known that one would be very patriotic in doing so. Even if it is only a small flag on your car. Lately, many of us are so busy trying to adjust our lives to the high cost of everything from fuel to food (maybe...flags too?) The politicians are also busy fighting for their dear lives after so much mud slinging!

Whatever it is, there are still certain things we have to follow. Like washing our hands before we have food. Cleaning one self after using the toilet. Washing our cars when it gets dirty and washing our face every morning upon getting up. These are automatic actions that we need not be told.

Then, there is the office.

The cleaners will empty the wastepaper basket everyday, clean the toilet, mop the floor and also clean the windows. This is called Maintenence.
What about Flags?
We understand that they are not made to last a life time.

The video below says it all!

Shame on you Eon Bank! Your Maintenence job sucks! You mean to tell us that there is not a single staff noticing this damaged flag after going in and coming out of this building everyday? For the last 30 days? 60days?
This Bank is located in Jalan Goh Hock Huat, Klang, Selangor. Come on, wake up. Please do not put the blame on the Crows! (.......See if you noticed a crow's head popping up in picture number 2...!!!)

They are just talking............................... Birds Talking!