Friday, October 30, 2009

You Kidding Me?

This Is Not Good!
Read the newspapers this morning and a saw a shocking report.
Do they still carry on with this 'out-dated' & cruel act even until today?
Do they know that these birds are NOT from the wild and releasing them infact, kills them?
These ornamentally raised birds are artificially hatched from pet hatcheries and would not know how to survive NATURALLY. They die within 24 hours after failing to find food or to be killed by predators.

"Saved from the pot?" What pot? I see only birds.

Please do NOT do this in the name of Buddhism. There is no Saying or Teaching anywhere in the Dhamma that one have to release birds like this in order to be a good Buddhist.

Just stop the breeders if you can. Get to the root of the problem.
Also, NO need to 'bless' these poor animals if you are going to kill them, indirectly.

This was told to me by the late Chief Reverend,
Ven Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda Nayaka Maha Thera JSM

This act is in fact, a very POOR example and a disgrace to Buddhism!
The organisers need to be properly 'blessed' by the 'abbot' themselves! Shame on you!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Gormen want RM50.00?

Just received a new Credit/Debit card from the Bank. Did not asked for it but they send it anyway. Then the next day, our Goverment decided to charge each Credit Card, a service fee of RM50.00 annually. This is to cut spending so they say.


So I cut spending by cutting the card in half and send it back to the Bank today.

By the way, instead of making money by asking us not to spend too much, why not check what happened to the 'Service Charge Fee' which was exposed by the newspapers last week? Billions of Ringgit have been paid by the public but the Government say they did not get the dough! Our dinner bill last night, at a big restaurant, also charged us a hefty service tax amount! Just what is that for? Protection money? Fuck!

Mis-managing again?

Shucks, what kind of lame-brained people we have got up there handling our treasury?

Monday, October 26, 2009


RESCUE: Who Killed Hitam?

I was informed that one of our heroes who were involved in the Operations Swamp Dogs rescue have been poisoned to death! This is shocking!
Hitam (Blackie) and Kuning (Yellow) were our mascots and were responsible for helping us in rescuing more than 40 out of hundreds abandoned dogs which was left for dead in Pulau Selat Kering off Pulau Ketam, Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.
According to The Star newspaper yesterday, which reported the sad news, this is most outraging because disposing stray dogs here in Malaysia is already (bad) 'news-breaking' and despicable throughout the world.The report is here.

During my involvement with the rescue team, I met Kuning and Hitam who were assisting us in welcoming "GRACE' out of the water. I shot the reunion. This was at the Kelong on 7th. May, 2009. I have now edited a new clip from my High Definition raw footage to be made into an HD video clip for anyone who wants to know Hitam Better. The black marks on his tongue is his identification and with a shiny black coat as well.

My contribution is this memorial video for our beloved Hitam. Please see it.You all can send in your monetary donations generously (if you wish) directly to Sabrina's Furry Friend Farm and/or the SPCA.

IN MEMORIAM of our Hero HITAM, I personally dedicate this video to him for helping to save more than 40 wounded and suffering dogs who are now alive.

Please see the Full HD Video here.
Please ask you friends to see this too.

Thank You everyone for your heart felt concerns ,donations and support. Malaysian dogs do deserve better!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sea Parasite Bugs

Unhygenic Food Preparation?

Went to a new restaurant serving Penang food with wifey yesterday.
Ordered Petai Anchovies and Assam Fish Head curry with rice.
This new joint was also officially opened by the Menteri Besar a few days ago and we were impressed with the decor and list of food on the menu.
The dissapointing part was the fiery 'hot' chilli taste. The two dishes were too 'pedas' to our liking thus killing off any flavour. We are in our 50s and as if we have not eaten this kind of curry before. As a food reviewer, we find it difficult in giving it good marks. The 'small' plate of petai costs us RM13.00 and RM18.00 for the Assam curry with little Fish Head pieces. This is Klang and it is pricey.

A shocking thing is that after almost finishing our meal, we found a strange 'insect-like' bug with two eyes staring at us!
As a former angler, I have seen this kind of sea bugs before. This is bad.
I called the 'captain' to let him know. He said something like "...I will tell the cook to improve on his fish cleaning from now on...!" and that's it! ...Shucks!
Is this hygenic? What happened if one or more bugs have already been eaten by us?
Who is going to be responsible for our health safety? Can anyone advise us what to do to make a formal complaint? As this is a review, we shot a video too. Click here to watch. Gross! Disgusting!

Upon checking on the internet, this is what I've found! is in the fish's head!

Anyway, be forewarned and be careful what you eat!

We are not going to that place for meals anymore. We may sue if we know how to go about it.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Seven Spikes!

Holy Guacamole!!!!

Our Tiger Orchid (Grammatophyllum speciosum) also known as "The Largest Orchid In The World" sprouted Seven Spikes.

Last year, our first plant gave us a single spike of 61 flowers during the Chinese New Year.

This time, plant number two have seven and we estimated the number of flower would be over 400!

It is going to a sight to behold. Lucky us.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let's Us All Go Naked!

What Da Hell Is Going On,
Minister of Home Affairs?

For a week, I've been reading a debate on the newsprint that in order to reduce snatch thefts, ladies were advised NOT to carry handbags. They should don cargo pants with many pockets to store their stuff instead of a handbag. One even advised ladies to cut their hair short and try to look like a man so ladies would not be singled out.

Then girls look like boys/man look like ladies!

WTF! This is a free world. Malaysia is supposedly be a safe country where one can stroll, walk, ride, drive or even lepak safe and sound. Get to the ROOT of the problem and not a 'blanket' solution. Police, GO get the bad guys. Even for 24hrs., 7days a week, 365days a year!
Stop blaming on the public.
Are we not safe anymore?

Then what the hell we need people in the LAW and ENFORCEMENT agency?
They are fully armed with weapons yet cannot do anything thing about it.
Maybe, this time, we need to arm our selves in order to protect our families.

Then, this morning, the newspaper reported that ladies were stripped naked after being robbed while jogging! This happened in SS3, Petaling Jaya.

Perhaps we should ALL leave home completly NAKED so that to let the muggers know we are not carrying anything valuable (...except for the family's heirloom).
Hey, Minister, this is MY suggestion. Do not copy lah.
This is may also be a good idea because it can help our POLICE as they are already busy and OVERLOADED with work.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our Punky Shih Tzu

Xiao Mei Rocks

Uploaded a HD Video on Youtube.
Our six years old Shih Tzu girl 'rocks' at punky music everytime.
Click here to go to her site.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Our New Fighter.

RMAF's new Sukhoi SU 30 MKM

See our boys in action.
Our new SU 30 do the 'tail-walk' at Saturday's Air Show at Subang.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Precision Flying Always!

Awesome Thunderbirds

The Video is up on Youtube.

Do remember to click 'watch in HD' and let it stream down completely. It may take a while if your broadband speed is very slow.