Friday, December 31, 2010

A Public Holiday Today?

Confusion! Confusion!

So typical of the Authorities that even declaring a holiday and announcing it causes it so much confusion. Some say it it a Public Holiday and to some, it was a holiday only for the Civil Servants.
Can Business go on? What kind of business? By the time we sort this out, the holiday would be over! It was announced that employers need to pay their staff 'extra' if they work today. A small foreign setup located here have now to pay the 'extra' but the boss is out of the country not realising eleven men chasing a small ball did our country good.

Shucks, sudden public holidays do confuse. It must be renamed PUBIC Holidays.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Are These Safe (Again) ?

Seven Food That Should
Not Have Crossed Your Lips!

(as reported today in CNN)

Again, another advice about food safety. It is begining to look like food produced for the mass market is giving us and our children something to worry about. Just what is our future going to be?

The (new) seven food listed (via CNN) is by Prevention Magazine USA. For clearer details go to this site to read more.

[Ed note: this link was re-inserted after it was taken off 2 hrs after print.We found a snap shot (time-frame record via a Swedish archive) and place it back here for direct link.]

These are:-

1) Canned Tomatoes including tomato paste for preparing sauces
2) Corn Beef
3) Micro Waved Pop Corn
4) Potatoes
5) Salmon

Almost 99% of Salmon sold here in Malaysia are farmed. Wild Salmon is not available via the Hypermarket. I also suspect that most Shushi joints uses farmed Salmon because it is cheap. Wild Salmon was never encountered by us on the menu at Japanese Restaurants here.

6) Milk
7) Apples
The above alert is a wake up call and for us, citizens of Malaysia, how are we ever to know just what is safe to eat anymore? Building more hospitals to treat Cancer is not a solution. Building more hospitals fitted with the latest 'thingamagik' would make medical fees higher.
We the citizens, not only suffer physical pains when such dreadful disease hit us but the financial shock would lead us to think that dying from the disease would be a better alternative. When one survives after the costly episode, do we have any money left to live the rest of our lifes?

It is dawning on us that our Health Ministry is not in control about what we eat or what is there to eat safely. We in Malaysia do not have a separate Government Authority about food and drug safety like in the leading developed countries. Mixing the functions within the Health Department is NOT effective and may be contradictory because we as the citizens would be in a lose/lose situation.

Folks, it is high time that we lobby for a Food and Drug Safety Ministry. Do it for the sake of our children. The terms "..the right hand do not know what the left hand is doing...." and " can't tell the difference between an elbow and an arse..." is getting real!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Beautiful Christmas

Did She Know?

Dear All,

Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas and may we have a peaceful year ahead.
May everyone have a happy and a joyous life forever.
"Did She Know"is a lovely duet sung by Kenny Rogers and Wynonna Judd.

Click here to listen. Do connect it to your stereo headphones or better still,
plug on your external speakers.


(ps...Ed: thanks George Doss for sharing such good things. God Bless)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blind as a Bat!

Can't an Enforcement Officer
spots Sixteen Elephants on the road?

The recent tragedy in Cameron Highlands is sure going to start an all time favourite game...i.e New reality game in town called the ''GFPE' ....."the Greatest Finger Pointing Exercise"!!!!!!

The unfortunate accident which took 27 lives was reported in the National Newsprints here.

First, any school going kid can tell you about the "Center of Gravity" subject in the science lessons. Playing playdoh to Lego proved the same. Tall objects when moving will tilt on the top.
Then how come our beloved Minister (transport), his advisors, his engineers, his Scientists ....blah.blah do not know such problem? Did they go to school in the first place?
Second, if one expert says that it was designed for level road use, then why was it used for highland travels? Shortcut to the road of monetary profits? Close one eye? No Buhjet?
Thirdly, there are already 13 Governmental Agencies involved in the regulations of express buses yet this happened. Just how many more agencies do we still need? Another 100?

Fourthly, it must have caused so much headache to the tour operators that mistakes like this is bound to happen. It was also quoted that "......left hand must know what the right hand is doing"
By the looks of things, the poor victims may have also lost their right hands, left hands, right legs, left legs, some toes, fingers., eye, teeth, dentures..........all because of this?
Deepest Condolences to all that have lost their dear ones.

In the next few days, let us see what goes. See who gets away, who gets nailed and afterwards....all back to normal.......................until another accident strikes.

Just we were to put four elephants in 2 rows and place the same above them, would not it be like a sight of the double decker bus? Then how come our law enforcers from all 13 Government agencies did not see this happening during this 2 month holiday peak season?
I believe at lease hundreds of trips have already been made.

Sometimes, I remembered an old saying, directed to those so called informed seniors at these authorities...."they can't even tell the difference between an elbow and an arse!"
Damn Bloody incompetent Agencies is one of the main reason why I would not allow my kids, relatives and overseas friends using these busses as a travel mode.

It is getting riskier by the day.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Guess Who's
Checking My Work?

Was at the garden when a call attracted me.
Our newly planted 'wild banana' tree flowered and was fruiting.
The call sounded like the elusive Flowerpecker and I immediately went into the house to set up my camcorder.
After waiting patiently for half an hour, nope, the Flowerpecker did not show up. All these happened under the watchful eyes of our resident Olive-backed Sunbird whom we called "Sunny".

He zoomed in and sat on my rig! As if examining my camcorder to check for exposure settings!

Yup. It is OK here.
And here.
Hey got sound or not?
OK... I'll go to the banana flower play acting yah? You get ready.
Lights, Camera........ACTION!

Happy Birding this Christmas yah?