Friday, November 27, 2009

Blogging Is Tiring!

End of this Blog?

Blogging is indeed tiring.
Many fellow bloggers (since the days of SCM..i.e the dail-up 28k internet) have given up, it is also very lonely now in the blogosphere. Many have also left for Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps life is different now.
We used to share pictures and videos easily with blogs but then, many found Facebook a better alternative. I too, have facebook but then it is a different ball game. I honestly prefer blogs.

Sadly, when one get less visitors one will get the message.

Perhaps I may just let it go.
Let me see what goes.
Or do drop me a comment.

Thanks a lot friends, thanks for dropping by.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Is Smaller Better?


As if we all have nothing better to do especially on the recent spate of increasing crime rate and the floods. It was reported in a local daily that our dear Deputy Rural Development and Regional MINISTER is looking for a small cock.

He added that the Government would INTENSIFY awareness of this cock and is considering gazetting it as the Country's HERITAGE and a National ICON.

I already have posted in my previous blog about the "Real Malaysian Cock" which is much larger (about 13 inches*) should be re-considered as an icon, instead of wasting time in looking for a small (5 inches*) sized one. Size does matter. But then our Minister have other plans.

We are refering to the Bantam Chicken (Ayam Serama). These are miniature chickens which are found naturally in the wilds of South East Asia including Indonesia AND Malaysia.

Wikipedia reports.

Therefore by making it a country's Icon and Heritage as if Malaysians love small cocks, this is not entirely right because it is also found in other countries as well.

Bantam Chickens were discovered in a seaport of Bantam, Indonesia. Due to is ultra-small size, it has become a favourite pet. Honestly, it is very amusing to see such small chickens playing around.

Almost all country have their National Flower, National Bird, National Flag, National Animal... do Malaysia need a National Cock? A National ICON? If we do, just why can't we choose a size bigger? Size do matter. More Garang that is!
Just like the American Bald Eagle!

(* minus the feathers)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Way To Go!

ASTRO in HD Next Month

Astro announces their intention to launch HDTV (High Definition TV) next month.

This long overdue 'technology' was tested by terresterial TV (RTM) early last year but nothing came of it. Astro decision to start is a welcomed news.
Many have changed from the old 29" CRT (cathode ray tube TV) to LCD TV but were made to suffer poor picture quality due to changing technologies. It is hard to watch 300p to 400p video signals from a 720p LCD TV sets. Let alone on a 1080p full HD TV set.

HDTV also comes with High Definition Audio.

The Star biz news report here.

It looks like Astro is getting back a customer. Me!

Some very interesting HDTV sites:-

Friday, November 6, 2009

For the First Time!

A Time Lapse Video Recording
of a flowering Orchid species.

We have just completed the upload to Youtube on an interval recording of Bulbophyllum medusae, a unique Malaysian orchid. It took us almost 100 hours, non-stop, with the Panasonic HDC TM300 camcorder in full HD.
Please click here to watch the video in Youtube.