Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jumping Ship?

New SONY Handycam NEX VG10

A dream come true for all camcorder fans.
The new SONY Handycam NEX VG10

Finally, a consumer camcorder capable of making 'Hollywood' movies is here. This new SONY handycam features interchangeable lenses and shoots in Full HD 1080p (PAL version) 24p!

It also feature a large image sensor of the latest NEX (still) cameras launched recently. It comes with an E mount 18mm-200mm lens at a retail price of USD2,000.

Just look at a clip shot in Vimeo with this camera in beautiful Bali!

Great work SONY, I am coming back!

My waiting time is over! No more extra expenses of a 35mm adaptor, SLR lenses, blah! blah!
I am going to jump ship from my faithful Panasonic TM300.

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