Thursday, August 19, 2010

New SwaroVision 10x42 EL

Finally, It's in our Hands!

So happy that we have finally owned two of this new bins! The 10x42 EL. It is now in our home here in Klang, Malaysia.
The new model features the latest SwaroVision Technology which includes SwaroClean & the SwaroBright plus the Swarotop/Swarodure.
Now we know what "Crystal Clear" meant! It is truly second to none.
Swarovski perfected the "Flat Field" principle which was a challenging feat amongst precision optic manufacturers and none other have perfected it so far.

It also came with a snap shot adaptor.
Due to it's almost perfect technology, none others can come near to making such pure and precise Optical Instrument which is not just a binocular! Only Nature Is Perfect. This is also understandable as it come from the pioneer in working with pure Crystals!

For more information please visit SWAROVSKIOPTIK homepage here.


(Ed. note: Different color in photo is due to adjustments in our photo editing)