Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Guess Who's
Checking My Work?

Was at the garden when a call attracted me.
Our newly planted 'wild banana' tree flowered and was fruiting.
The call sounded like the elusive Flowerpecker and I immediately went into the house to set up my camcorder.
After waiting patiently for half an hour, nope, the Flowerpecker did not show up. All these happened under the watchful eyes of our resident Olive-backed Sunbird whom we called "Sunny".

He zoomed in and sat on my rig! As if examining my camcorder to check for exposure settings!

Yup. It is OK here.
And here.
Hey got sound or not?
OK... I'll go to the banana flower play acting yah? You get ready.
Lights, Camera........ACTION!

Happy Birding this Christmas yah?


hew said...

hi donald!! great post and niced pics!! wonderful when the subject decides to get into the action!!!

have a Great Xmas and a wonderful new year!!!

Birds Talking Too said...

Hi there Hew,
Many thanks for dropping by. You finally see who is directing my video clips! HaHa!

Seasons Greetings to you too and your family.