Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tasted My Free Lunch!

And Enjoying It!

Was at Bukit Malawati in Kuala Selangor this morning. Testing out my new Panasonic Lumix DMC GH2 Camera , a Micro Four Third System. The result was astonishing. Never expected
it to perform beyond expectation, especially for my use in videographing birds.

You see, this is a new & revolutionary photographic design and it is going to change the photographic world by surprise. You see, DSLR is actually a digital version of the old system called SLR (single lens reflex).

With new technologies, it was discovered that the need for the mirror and a large penta-prism (so common in DSLRs) is outdated. Moreover, it is bulky and large! Just see those 'bigger-than- your-hand DSLRs. The lenses too are huge and costly!

So, why pay and suffer? Is it more macho to hold such huge cameras?

Please see this article here at The Luminuos Landscape about "Coming of Age".

GH2's ETC [Extra Tele Conv] turned the 300mm lens to a humomgus 1,560mm without ANY loss of Image Quality & Light.

It is NOT the so called digital zoom so commonly found in other cams. This GH2's surprising performance which I believe that even the marketing department people at Panasonic did NOT know about! Please read this site in regards to "Free Lunch".

And more discoveries about this amazing new camera at more GH2 Discoveries.

My test video below will show you why I am so excited.

Fellow birders and wildlife videographers, please search no more.

We have found what we want.
Bravo Panasonic! Good work.

Now let's go get some more birds.


Isabel said...

wau!!! Lumix GH2 so sharp.
good to join the gang of Panasonic^^ by the way i have LX5^^

Happy Chu 7^^

Birds Talking Too said...

Although a Sony user before, Glad I did not get involved with any DSLR cams. An average DSLR user would have spent more than RM20,000during the entire hobby and now, do what?

LX5? wow a good choice also.


fox yap said...

wow very marvellous nice donald, this 1080p short chips is showing the details of shapeness and donald u right no need spend 20'000.00 for dslr, now slr bring save alot, mindless of canon and nikon still remain the old technology.i hope donald there for more showing gh2 performance thanks for sharing.

by: fox yap

Birds Talking Too said...

Thanks for comment Fox, glad you like it. Yes, shot many 24p vids at the start of the CNY and are editing them into Youtube. Btw, the 'donkey broadband upload speed' by TMNut's Screamyx Suxs big time. It takes 4 hours to up load a 2min. clip! Maraysia boreh!!