Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Finally, in Place.

Still working on my new Panasonic Lumix DMC GH2. As there is a World shortage of this camera including its accessories, I managed to get my hands on the most sought after (std) lens today.

The original lens that came with the camera was the 14~42mm which has dismayed many because being a flagship camera for Lumix many expected better.
The actual lens should be the 'special' HD lens the 14~140mm which is meant for Video shooting. Yes it would cost more but who is complaining when the GH2 is actually a professional camera?

Here is my line up.

[The GH2 is now fitted with the 14~140mm HD lens, the Leica 45mm macro for extreme close-ups (left) and the 'bird shooter' is the 45~200mm (right).] These are all Micro Four Third lenses.

Now, it is completed.

I go shoot yah?


nicholas_hs said...

So nice u have your army implement, here I'm waiting for your eagle capture soon...

By : fox yap

Birds Talking Too said...

Thanks Yap,
Yes, would be adding more eagle shots to the ones that are being edited on HD video.