Friday, December 30, 2011

Same to you, Bro!

Finger Lickin' good?

This is about hand gestures.

Hand signs and giving the finger.
Universally, one got to be careful and considerate when showing any part of the body.

In a few months, we Malaysians, may be showing a finger to prove that we have done our duty as citizens.
The press reported this here.

Just as this President.
Thank you Sir. That is gentlemanly indeed.
That is why he is da President.

............and you too, sweet lady and baby. God Bless.

But I sincerely hope that the ' universally educated' people and big shots who are in the high authority show some good examples. Otherwise, we would be insulting others by telling how much 'kurang ajar' (rudely un-educated) we really are. It is of no point getting 8As or 100As if we are kosong (empty) in the head.

Hey, brudder...this is not so good lah.... angry or what? You both are giving da middle finger!!! Hot weather izzit?

So blardy damn big shot, you got money so you can do that? As*#%oles!
In Malaysia....
Blardy fark, same to you dickheads!
Stupid uneducated buggers!

Here! Up yours too, you blardy dumb ass!

Damn it, our kids are watching and learning from us.

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