Monday, January 23, 2012


Blardy Mad as Hell!

What did I do?
It is the first day of the Chinese New Year and I am banned from Klang E-space website.
What kind of good news is that?

I have been a faithful follower of this website ever since its inception and have been proud to have participated and promoted this site as s good portal to promote Klang on the internet. I have also added this site as a recommended read to know Klang better.
My proof? Go to the site here and see for yourself, if it is not taken off already.

Lately, there have been many newcomers posting spams, pornography and pharmaceutical drugs which leaves many in bad taste.
Just today, after seeing some pages of naked women, I began to tell off the poster.
But the site, automatically claimed that I was a spammer thus baning me straight away, accusing me unjustly.
It stated..." My Forum account is currently banned.
Ban reason: Automatically banned by the Akismet system for spamming.
Ban will be lifted: Never!!!!!

I am pissed off by the words "Automatic" and "Never"

What kind of system is this?
Where is justice?
As a senior citizen, I do not spam and I hate pornography.

Dear Administrator, please be fair and investigate properly.
Go for the spammer instead.

I am going to delete my recommendation of this site.
The internet is 24/7 and speed is a necessity.
I know that it is a holiday season and it takes time.
But you have decided to call me a spammer and banned me unfairly.

If this Akismet system sucks, please change it immediately instead of executing innocent people.
Please go to the site NOW and see that the poster is 'scott' free and laughing away!
An apology is in order!

Damn it!

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