Thursday, February 16, 2012

Poor Show!

You may not be our
"Companion for Life" anymore.

What say you?

You have been using a brand of mechanical pencil almost all your life and have been using it with ease and confidence especially in Motor treasure hunts, camping, research nature trekking to record findings, playing the crossword puzzle and speed checking while playing Soduku.

With a replaceable eraser at the other end, these pencils are sure quick and handy.

We have close to 40 pieces in 3 households by now.

Honestly, it is indeed frustrating trying to buy the refills yearly!

The bad news came today, after we wrote to Faber-Castell. They have confirmed discontinuing to make and sell this refill erasers.

But then, what are we going to do with our pencils? Do we have to buy 40 separate pieces of standalone erasers either to be fastened with a piece of cellophane tape or use a raffia string?

Sad indeed, especially from the brand we trusted for so long and for its superb quality.

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Sanyo Seiki said...

Faber castle is the best pencil and pen from the other brand.

Sanyo Seiki