Thursday, April 5, 2012

Learn a Word a Day

Today's Word is 'TUTU'!

WTF..... are Malaysians going to?
Looking at Tutus are now banned and are sinful?
Here, look at some and see if would be tempted to drool, become a sex maniac, go on a high, dirty ideas running through your otak and feels like sinning?
Come on, be matured lah! Why so childish!

Stop the driver, ..........................we are all going nuts!!!!!!!!!!!

FYi.....According to dictionaries, it is meant:-

a) a short projecting skirt worn by ballerinas [Merriam Webster]

b) From [Cambridge Dictionary]


a very short skirt made of many layers of very thin stiff material, which is worn by female ballet dancers
c) From [Oxford Dictionary]: noun
  • a female ballet dancer’s costume consisting of a bodice and an attached skirt incorporating numerous layers of fabric, this being either short and stiff and projecting horizontally from the waist (the classical tutu) or long, soft, and bell-shaped (the romantic tutu).

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Anonymous said...

The case is now "tutup". Ballet is not welcome here!!!!