Thursday, September 13, 2012

5 Bilis & 9 Nuts!

Niah Mudder!

Just what da fcuk the boss of this joint take us for? Why is everyone taking this shit sitting down?
No balls to complain? Is our Gormen still sleeping?

Lately, the Klang famous Shanmuga 'TT' stall (lepak-ala-teh-tarik) in Taman Bekerley did that. They physically shrink the content of their nasi lemak.  Instead of the usual portion of kacang (peanuts) and fried ikan billis (anchovies) they cut down to 5 miserable pieces  and 9 pieces of nuts! This is down right cheating.
I am going to boycott this eatery and encourages all my friends to do so.

Let us see this boycott works, if not, we can safely say that the majority of us have no balls!
We may even tell them that it is all right to screw us and can even go further.
Shame on you Shanmuga,
Please remember that we PAY  for our meals and not given free meals like in lokap/prison.
By the way, please smile while you serve.
We are not all that hard-up, bloody idiots!

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