Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bookshop for Dummies!

Poor Service: Are they not proud to have a job?

Dropped by the Bukit Rajah Shopping complex here in Klang.
Wanted to buy three items on my shopping list.
One of the item was:

    A book entitled: "SW radio listening for Dummies"
    Walked into MPH.
    We have shopped here before, but it was since....'transformed'.

    "Excuse me ma'am, where can I find books for Dummies?"
    "Err...yes, behind there, near the 'Teen Reading' section"
    "OK thanks,.. I'll go look"
    After 3 minutes of searching, I went back to the counter.
    "Ma'am, I can't find it..."
    She turned into a sourpuss and left her counter grudgingly.
    I followed her.
    I too was looking for the familiar yellow and black book.
    "Sold out!" she said.
    "Huh? What sold out?"
    "The book,...all sold out!"

 Duh!!!!! This truly is a bookshop for Dummies.

Are they not proud to have a job? Why can't they give service with a smile? It looks like we, the customers are bugging them and wish that we disappear quick, quick!

Maraysia Bohliau!


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