Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bird's Eye View


Since photographing and videographing birds have always interest me, I may change my 'eye' view this time around. I may now shoot from the view of the birds.

Recently on the news is a hot topic called Hexacopter Cam.

Just Google it and I got loads of information.
One of the brand available is the Versadrones, sells for only RM999 ( did I get it right?) and it is cool.


We can fly WITH the eagles and crows here in Klang.
Just watch the video from Versadrones.


Need to control it carefully though, otherwise it will fall on to someone's house and he may not believe that I am just a bird videographer!

1 comment:

Justin Ooi said...

They will think u are a kukubird watcher if land on ppl house. Lol