Wednesday, March 18, 2009

High Speed Broadband?

As Usual, TM Suxs!

Lately, browsing thru the net via TM's Steamyx is crawling! You call that Broadband?
It is quite OK if you are just going in getting your mails from GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail....
but surfing is damn.....slow! It takes 4 minutes to load-up a home page averagingly.

Is this really Broadband ? TM charges RM110.00 for the line plus 1Mb Broadband package and choosing the 2Mb Broadband plus line is all pure bull shit because unless one lives next to Big Shots...i.e in Cyberjaya/Putrajaya. Even in PJ, one cannot get 2Mb. Why?
It is the absence of fibre-optic cables!

Just look at other countries.
In a computer magazine in the UK (one of the most expensive Cities in the World) , A 2Mb Broadband package with a phoneline, it costs only RM80.60!! (currency exchange at Pound Sterling 5.2, March 2009)

Why is TM overcharging us?
It is almost impossible to get involved in on-line (network) gaming with such slow speed which is now out of date. Just like High Definition TV, our RTM was also caught sleeping!!!

This morning's newspaper reported ASSTRO also lost money!!! A monopoly also lost money!
Just like TM, I bet their CEO still gets BIG FAT SALARIES!!! Just like Puncak Niaga's
RM 425,000.00 a MONTH!!!! (not in a year mind you!) No joke!

Damn shiok, this type of salary I also want!!!! But I not.........................lah!

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