Friday, March 13, 2009


Ah Loongs at it again!

It looks like money do fall from the sky especially in these economic turbulent times.
When we got home yesterday, a look-alike RM50.00 was on our porch floor and some of them were resting on our polycarbonate roof!!! These pesky Loan sharks went around our housing area and began tossing bunch of their 'calling card' into every homes. On the card it even claimed that they are "Licensed" to do so and they even said"....Government Recognised License Interest Rate Act Accordingly..." whatever that means.
The concern here is that they have 'reprinted' part of our currency and is already breaking the laws and yet the 'limped' authorities can't do a thing about it. It even broke the rules by using a mobile phone number for these activities and we are wondering why these mobile phone companies are helpless to solve such menance.

I similiarly reported this at this blog last year.
Here is a You Tube video that we shot yesterday.

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