Sunday, November 22, 2009

Way To Go!

ASTRO in HD Next Month

Astro announces their intention to launch HDTV (High Definition TV) next month.

This long overdue 'technology' was tested by terresterial TV (RTM) early last year but nothing came of it. Astro decision to start is a welcomed news.
Many have changed from the old 29" CRT (cathode ray tube TV) to LCD TV but were made to suffer poor picture quality due to changing technologies. It is hard to watch 300p to 400p video signals from a 720p LCD TV sets. Let alone on a 1080p full HD TV set.

HDTV also comes with High Definition Audio.

The Star biz news report here.

It looks like Astro is getting back a customer. Me!

Some very interesting HDTV sites:-

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