Friday, November 27, 2009

Blogging Is Tiring!

End of this Blog?

Blogging is indeed tiring.
Many fellow bloggers (since the days of SCM..i.e the dail-up 28k internet) have given up, it is also very lonely now in the blogosphere. Many have also left for Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps life is different now.
We used to share pictures and videos easily with blogs but then, many found Facebook a better alternative. I too, have facebook but then it is a different ball game. I honestly prefer blogs.

Sadly, when one get less visitors one will get the message.

Perhaps I may just let it go.
Let me see what goes.
Or do drop me a comment.

Thanks a lot friends, thanks for dropping by.



Anonymous said...

Blogging will reach every corner of the world. Facebook will only allowed approved friends. I prefer blogging.


WChinner said...

Hi Uncle Don;
Yup i agree, blogging can be tiring sometimes. Especially you have to keep your blogs up to date. Worse still when you have connection problem like this "DNS ERROR, LINK IS BROKEN". This is a huge problem for me.
Uncle Don, why feel sad and discouraged when you have less visitors??
I tend to feel that way when I don't get any comments from my blog at times. When I thought about it, I decided to go back to basics of blogging. Why blogger was created and what is it? Blog is a journal, it can be personal or business. Depends on the intention. We blog because we want to express our thoughts in the world wide web. We just want to pen down our thoughts electronically and share our pictures. Our thoughts are our interest. My blogs are mainly related to nature because I'm keen in it.
Unfortunately, people tend to use blogging as a trend.
Also, people are busy-mah... no time to read other people blogs. There are also some people that read our blogs and not leaving any comments.
If you are tired, just skip a day or two or maybe a week and then blog again. The best thing about personal blogging, no pressure because no one pays us-mah...

Birds Talking Too said...

Hi WChinner,
Thanks for your support and points taken.
For the last month TMNut's Steamyx SUXS!!!!This potong liao, That potong liao, I see so many ppl still sign up. So bandwidth is now shared with more people which mean more "gaji buta". We pay Rm88 per month but get only 88sen worth of 'broadband' So the balance of
Rm87.12 goes to croonies' pocket!
I just got my phone line back today. The land line went dead for six days! Damn stoopid TMNut! Always 'tak tahu'!
I have 20 HD video clips to upload but cannot! MALAYSAI BOLEH!!!!!!

hew said...

hi Donald,

dont give up!! you blog becos u have things to say. so just say it loh. and sometimes people read, sometimes not!

i play the flute- becos i like to.. gives me pleasure. so i continue lah. never mind who says what..

hey! how about we try to create a msian dog specie? my 2 pedigrees have gotten tick fever!! so sad!
can ah? can breed in some resistance to tick fever and yet have the loyalty of a shepherd?

u stop blogging, who else will champion the msian cock? hahaahha!
fuck, leave to the gov, the poor cock will get sodomised!!