Friday, March 26, 2010

Broadband IFs & BUTs

Horse Shit Big Bluff-er

After all that HooHaa launch about our super High Speed Broad Band, many are feeling cheated already!
The newspapers reported here.

There are so many if and buts and conditions so tight that one wonders if it is going to "attract that many foreign investments" at all. It also look like all da buggers running the show are wishy washy and flipping flopping in their terms and conditions.

The latest was that they are NOT capping the useage afterall! This was because da public went crazy! Does that mean that if we make anymore noise, they would reduce the price too? The contract says one have to pay RM5,976.00 for a two year minimum (20Mbps package).

It seemed also that the earlier condition stated that the useage cap for the 5Mbps package would be at 60GB of data per month! Holyshit! And... it would also be based on a daily basis! NoShit! and it would means that it would be a measly 1.85GB a day!!!! BigShit! Just how much data CAN be uploaded/downloaded if one is involved in HD film production (legal) business? A 25 minute full HD clip at 1080i is already at 6.8GB!

It seemed that this is costlier than Sinkapore!!!! On top of that, it EXCLUDES the IPTV cost too!
This is a multi BILLION Ringgit project for the Rakyat and it looks like da fellows are not sure how much to really charge us!

Come on lah, gormen, why all this high costs if this is supposed to UNIFY all of us?

Ali BaBa and da 40 thieves also said: ZamZamAlakaZaM!!!!!


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