Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Restauranteurs Boycott?

Boycott Restaurants!

Read in the press that an ass-ociation of coffeeshops and restaurants want to close shop for a day to show displeasure with MPPJ (or any council) for being too strict with their operation focusing mainly on cleanliness. Boycott?
Go ahead assholes! Close for a day and see if we care.

Food poisoning are on the increase. Workers from the third world countries seems to have a mentality problem when it comes to cleanliness. This is what we have observed :-

Chicken Rice Stalls. We have seen many times that workers uses their friggin' BARE hands when moving chopped meat from chopperboard to plates/packets. Their excuse? Many customers are waiting so using plastic gloves wastes time! Fcuk!
Drinks counter.
Instead of holding glasses individually like this,
workers uses BARE fingers to take 8 plastic containers/glasses to be filled with ordered drinks. They also uses BARE fingers to take ice cubes into glasses! I saw one who was digging into his large nostril prior taking ice cubes at a mamak joint! I might as well lick his hairy nostrils!
Just imagine this creep bitting his fingernails after visiting the toilet!
At a Noodle counter, after wiping the table with a dirty table rag, he prepares noodles ala BARE hands! Yummy rite?

I even saw one foreign lady (who was coughing as if she is going to die), cough onto her palms, and then using the same hand to pick up and place vegetable-garnishings on to a plate of noodles. Again it was at a mamak shop!

Look you third world workers, if you have been eating shit and drinking urine for meals, no sir, we do not intend to do the same here. You are employed because you want dirt cheap salary paid by cheapskate bosses. No sir, we have already eradicated TB (tubercoulosis), Dysentry, Cholera.......from our shores but you are bringing all back here again. Fcuk you.

No sir, when ever I see a foreign worker serving in a restaurant, I would BOYCOTT this particular shop. Another thing, have you ever experience how these blokes talks to you when taking your order? Yah! it is just full of scarsm and rudeness! Fcuk you assholes! What is it with so many tattoos on your arms! You look like a bloody convict!

Dear MPPJ, MBSA, MBSJ...... we support you. FTDD*! Our health is more important than their livelihood. My only wish is Malaysia can be on par with some advanced countries. Anyone get sick after eating a meal from an outlet, the place gets hell big time. We should even be allowed to SUE them for RM1 million each medical case just to see who is more important.

Dear readers, you maybe asking why all that rant. We have had just enough especially with so many relatives ending up in hospitals for food poisoning during and before the Chinese New Year. One almost died! Shitting 'bricks' are no fun either.

We shot a video loaded up on You Tube about how a hawker reuses a hand glove!

Our Health enforcement suxs to high heaven and almost doesn't exist! Have you even seen one officer lately? No, I haven't seen one for the last 20 odd years!

So readers and friends, join us in fighting for our rights especially for our family's health. Do NOT patronise these unhygienic outlets anymore. Enough is enough. This will show that you care.

Note: *FTDD..fcuk them deep deep!/some pix from Google Images

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