Monday, May 10, 2010

Mat Rempits

They Are Best Found Under Lorries!

Law is Law, Is there another way around it? Law is made to protect people and from people who breaks them. Our Police is there to upkeep the Law and we, the law biding ones must support our Police for doing so.
Just look at the Mat Rempit thinggy.
It is getting out of control everywhere.
Do they even value their own lives? Just let the cops do their job and try not to blame them.

What do you call this? Is he going to be a grown up to shoulder responsibilities? A parent?Father to six to eight kids perhaps and to behave like this? Malu lah!

Yes, the cops are humans too just like you and me. We make mistakes. These blokes (and their parents) always claim innocence whenever bad things happens.
For this, the PDRM gets my support!

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