Monday, September 20, 2010

The 'End' is Near!

Photokina 2010
Tomorrow, many buyers of new photographic equipment would give a sigh of relief when all major camera makers launches new models for the world market.

This once in 2 years event is being held in Cologne, Germany.

I am involved indirectly. Very indirectly, because of my (bad) timing (maybe a good omen) as I am about to switch from using a HD camcorder right up to the top at 'full frame' DSLR.

Since ten days, sleepless nights and nightmares were experienced. (see, photography is a dangerous hobby indeed.) And 'secret news leaks' are trickling through day by day.

I was very keen on the new Sony Handycam NEX VG10, a prosumer camcorder that shoots in Full HD 1080p. I was so sure that it would be da dream baby!
Then, my ex lover called!

" Hey Baby! I am back and I am badder than before. I am now called the GH2 from Panasonic. I heard that you have your eye on the Sony chick and she is a camcorder."Moreover I am now better equipt to excite your senses and you will be amazed to see what I can really do for your birds!"
The Panasonic GH2 (that replaces GH1) is a micro Four/Third system that is completely new and is doing away with the old design (the SLR).Unfortunately, it is still being used as the DSLR on the two Giants (brand Nik & the brand Can) in the Field. It is getting outdated.
The GH2 does away completely with the mechanical mirror, the large and heavy penta-prisms and finally the complicated mechanical shutter. It will have a global shutter from now on.
Because of these changes, the DSLR is now about to be burried with the dead!
The GH2's video is now on 1920x1080p and the 'roller shutter' effect problem is now gone too!
This is good news. With such great sensors in smaller bodies, we now go get some large lenses!

We will wait for more good news then....