Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What DO You Want?

Spewing Shit

What is NOT lacking in our country these days is Politicians spewing racists comments and causing uneasiness amongst the populace.

Just what is this "SI MATA SEPET" all about?

Or this "SI BOTTOL" labelling all about?
You are all supposed to be 'educated' and matured leaders that is supposed to show good examples but chose to gutter speak instead.

Then again, why, their bosses still remain silent is anyones' guess.

Yes, please continue creating all these shit and see if the world cares. Foreign Investors certainly notices. Now we know why they are not coming here.

Here is an example of the biggest chibai mouth in the world!

That reminds me of the first picture of a rhinocerous having a bad case of Cirit Birit! (the runs)