Saturday, July 2, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Now We Know Why!

While cruising along inside a Hypermart, we spotted a surprise.

Now we know why that every time when we ask an assistant for help, he/she is always clueless and/or trying to ask us to bugger off. Why?
We found out that one was very 'busy' playing games on the PC!
Poor thing, Hypermart. Paying 'buta' for the salary. The services rendered at these supermarkets 'sucks' nowadays and we can feel that there are no effort being made to train them for better efficiency.

Ever try them when asking for a different size/model? It is always "tak tahu"[dunno] or "sudah habis" [sold out]or "no stok" [awaiting stocks to fall out of the sky]
Where else can one get a cushy job, pay's ok, no need for hard work, air cond. environment, comfy,and play computer games some more!

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andrewfu said...

Like that also can. I want! I Want! Give me the job. Where to apply :)

That was some good shots. Ha! Ha!