Monday, June 27, 2011

Upside down

Reading Air (Angin)
On Your Head!

There is this world's famous petroleum brand from Malaysia doing things upside down.
At the end of the North South Expressway at exit toll towards Klang, the new petrol station made a booboo.

At the compressed air service point, the 'psi' guide was placed at a position that only when one stand on his/her head, they can get a correct reading of the tyre pressure.
No, we did not bring it up to the management of the station. Why?
Can't they see for themselves that the bloke who rivetted the panel is half cocked? Don't they see for themselves whether it is correct after they installed them?

Or is it that they do not even know how to read...............Numbers?

So typical and it is begining to show how this country is being run!

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