Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Ends 'is' Near!


I was wrong when thinking about UNIFI, TM Net's fibre Optic Broadband.

When seeking desperately for when are we getting UNIFI to our home here in Klang, we did not get any positive news from the internet, the media...etc. No favourable reply even from Kedai Telekoms. I even concluded that I may not be so lucky after all, to experience UNIFI. And day in, day out, we have to suffer in silence with the snail paced 1MB Streamyx which go bonkers almost everyday. Not forgetting the blood suckingly expensive Asstro.
Yes Streamyx and UNIFI belongs to Telekom Malaysia.

Then this morning, BANG!! A sound of a fall of an aluminium ladder in our back lane.
There was a commotion with chattering of human voices.

Upon investigation, we were surprised to find that there was a team of contractors pulling cables and climbing telephone poles. These are fibre optic cables. Yup, UNIFI's.
So, the end is near.
Or should we say, the 'ends' are near.

[The fibre optic cable is the top one]

It is our frustrated end of Asstro and end of Streamyx.

By end of September, perhaps?

Thank you guys.
Banyak Terima Kasih.

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