Thursday, August 4, 2011

You Deserve It Asstro!

Cut Back Time.

With everything costing us so much, we, like other 'smart' people, do what is necessary and effective.
In a household, many items are important such as food, electricity, necessities such as sundries and toilet rolls.
Then, the others are newspapers, internet and TV programmes.

We cut off the damn newspaper years ago because of it's lopsided reporting. It tells us what we should read, what we should see, what we should do and how we should think. Until lately, it began to tell lies. Blardy heck, you mean to tell me that I have to PAY money to read lies? Blardy fark!
I got choice. No need to read and no need to waste money.
I got internet.

Then the TV.
How come a MONOPOLISTIC company, given 20 frigging years of monopoly, still do not make enough money to survive? Happily boasting increased subscribers yet their programmes are repeated 'till kingdom come'? I am begining to see hairs on monkeys' balls (in HD) everytime the documentary repeats for almost a year. And now, it is some hippopotamus' balls! Even after paying an extra RM20 for HD, the shows are repeating itself.

Last month, they wrote us a letter seeking to 're-adjust programming' for our viewing pleasure.
Pleasure my Poot!.
Blardy fools, if you want to increase price just say so lah.
Don't write as if we have just landed on earth from another planet. They wanted RM4 increase.
Anandoholes, they say that due to high cost of operation, they want more money.
Bullshit! As if we were already not burdened with increased petrol cost, sugar,tax,fees,service charges,credit card tax, Indah Water 'throw-shit-away' fees, electricity, internet..................
They should have sacked all the deadwoods in their company to save cost. Starting at their stoopid Asstro Magazine that all of us cannot read nor understand. Waste paper also.

It looks like it is not only us that is feeling being 'put-into-cow-dung' by Asstro. Last week, six of our friends and relatives cancelled their subscription with the satellite service provider. They too were fedup. Bravo guys, way to go.
Moreover, TMNet's UNIFI is coming around the corner so we are looking forward to better internet speed AND watch TV at the same time. Cheaper also lah.

Back to our case.
When we received Asstro's lame duck letter, we not only disagree in giving in to their demand on the RM4.00 increase, we CUT BACK our package. Instead of paying RM110.95 a month, we now pay RM75.95/month. Ha!Ha!
They wanted an extra RM4.00 and we give them RM25.00 (+Rm4.00) less!!

Please take our warning Asstro, if we do not get anymore free (10 new channels in HD) within three months, we will cancel our membership entirely. You get nothing from us.
Of course we also get nothing from you (as if we are already getting something special )

All of us might as well fit an illegal satellite dish obtainable from East Malaysia, without paying blood sucking fees to you any more.

Just like our neighbour did.

You Sux Asstro. You suck big time.

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