Friday, November 4, 2011


The Dead Comes Alive and Stinking.

For the last two weeks, reports in the press causes one to smell rotting flesh.

The dead, near dead or those left to die and rot, began showing some signs of movement. As if one did not get the full effect of crap while they were alive, the words came out of their mouth stinks[again] to high heaven!

The taste and smell of salted fish is usually, passionately, acquired to some degree, but these niahmas' breath is a mixture between 'stinko' and 'dunggu'. This composting bloke murmured something about......human rights...! What a dung!

As the Cantonese says " Harm Yee Farn Sarng " literary meant 'even a salted and preserved fish comes alive' It is akin to a packed-dead and dried-fish now swimming alive in a fresh fish tank with air pumps in a hypermarket!

Some who came alive and out of the closet have begun showing us how lucrative Cow Farming is and may be contributing to a book called "Cow Farming for Dummies".

Strangely, equally puzzling to science, how can one exponentially increase 3,000++ head of cattle to 60,000 heads of full grown Cows (not calves, mind you) in 3 years!!
The 'england' is also not clear in defining "Feedlot" or "Feed-a-lot"
Are we missing something?

By the way, did you know that a food dish called "Bombay Duck" is actually salted fish served with chilli paste?

Then, it would be equally interesting to write a book called "Salted-Fish farming in Malaysia 101" !! It beats interesting hotdog made in Malaysia.

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