Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Puzzling Business Indeed.

Among other shocking report by the Auditor-General besides a pair of binoculars which was ridiculously over-priced, a short report caught my eye.

It was reported in the newspaper today that a Catfish sausage factory failed to start up after spending RM488,000 on equipment which is now left to rot!

The report in The Star here.

Why set up first and look for interested party later?
Catfishes need to be raised and it take years for them to grow.

This is indeed sheer waste of fund and very bad planning by the agro-based entrepreneur development programme. I thought that planning proper and profitable business need careful forecasting and maximizing resources?

By building a factory, buying the expensive equipment and forgetting about rearing the catfishes in the first place is extremely bad planning indeed.
How to set a good example for those folks who could be very interested instead?
Are the planners trained to plan in the first place?

Was also wondering what name would this kind of sausage be called instead of Hotdogs? HOTCATS??

Gotcha Taxpayers,
Holy Meow! Ha!Ha!

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