Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FUDD Selayang Council!!

Shit Brains in the Head!

First it was Klang's Council, then now, it is Selayang (again).

Just what kind of leaders have we got in these mini-empires? Laws are Laws.
No two ways about it.

If you do not understand the "Universal Law" then please do not LEAD! Are you a leader just because you 'claim' to be a 'rightful' person such as the color of your skin? Or because of your 'majority'? You do not even understand that there are others around you who do NOT believe in your line of thought. So what gives you the right to do what you believe in and to hurt others?

We humans always and have been claiming to be more superior than animals. Just why are we not showing that we are? Killing, torturing, maiming and hurting animals even though they are 'haram', do not convince us that your belief is very compassionate as it claims to be so.

Our dearest girl, Xiao Mei. (above).

A lovely German Shepherd pup. (below)
Animals (proven many time with scientific facts), have feeling just like humans.

Just what is so dangerous about dogs that others can trust them around this baby?(above)

Starving them of food and water in confinement is unthinkable. Separating her puppies during weaning causes greatest trauma just like a mother losing sight of her week old child. Clubbing to death an old dog is not for the faint hearted. Just why are all of you, sitting up there in high positions, can't fathom the simple task of understanding such sufferings?

Have 50 years since Independance not shown that we have matured and be reasonable? There are definitely many ways of handling problems such as strays. What have happened to these two 'most educated districts' are just inhumane and unkind. We are begining to dispise, en masse, such examples of leadership and would not trust and support these unworthy people anymore.

Did you also know the fact that almost all animals in the animal kingdom are color blind? They do NOT see the colors of our skin. They trust by letting their senses such as sound, smell, aura, feelings, actions and lastly sight (although in black & white) assure them that it is safe to be with us. They do not HATE. They will only defend themselves when trust is betrayed.
Dogs are universally 'man's-best-friend'. Man as in mankind. This evolved millions of years.
Even million of years before religious BELIEFS came about.
Malaysia 'supposedly' maturity is only 50 years old.

You all are just showing such 'pariah' actions which only you can understand. We do not.
The entire World have already been watching us as we kept repeating such idiotic actions. Go to Malaysian Dogs Deserves Better to read and see the current 'war' with the authorities as at last week.

Is this "Malaysia Boleh"?
I, as a Malaysian, is begining to feel like a 'pariah' in the eyes of the World.

(*FUDD means Fcuk you deep,deep! shitheads)

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