Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another Fiasco!


Humans are too clever! They invents something and says that it is good for you but then, after 10 years or so, people began to fall sick and die. They just say...oooops!

Remember back in the 1960s? We were kids then. They filled our molar teeths with mercury as a cavity filling and later, they discovered that it could fall off and goes into our digestive system to cause us Cancer! They say again.....Oooops!

Then also in the sixties, some smart arse invented margarine and says that it is safer than eating butter. We eat margarine. But then in the 90s, it was discovered that margarine causes serious heart trouble and became the leading cause of death.

Did you know that the process of making margarine is the same as making plastics?

By blowing Hydrogen gas bubbles into industrial oil for a certain period, it hardens the oil. Thus plastics are formed. Also by using the same gas bubbling into soy/canola/palm or groundnut oil we get margarine. It is reported that it can kill us faster than eating butter............Ooooops again?
They should fuck all these frigging scientists for all the mistakes done in the past.

And today.....Ooooops again!

90% of all processed food here in Malaysia now contains a new poison called HFCS.
This is called High Fructose Corn Syrup.

I was made to believe that fructose is fruit sugar and it is safe. Since my family eat lots of fresh fruits, it is supposed to be a good thing. More servings of fresh fruits and vegetables instead of meat and processed foods leads us to a healthier lives. So it seems.

Sugar comes from sugar canes. Beet sugar comes from sweet beetroots, Maple syrup come from Maple trees.

Corn Syrup do NOT come from any part of the corn naturally ie. from the leaf, flower, cobs, stem even the roots. It is PROCESSED from corn starch by adding enzymes together with EIGHT Toxic chemicals to make it sweeter than sugar! That equals High Profit Margin for the food processors.
These sinful bastards makes money while we all die in vain.

The eight toxic chemicals are as follows:- 1) Caustic Soda 2)Hydrochloric Acid 3)Alpha-amylase 4) Gluco-amylase 5) Isomerase 6) Powdered Carbon 7) Calcium Chloride and 8) Magnesium sulphate. There you go, eight illegal substances enough to hang the makers eight times over yet many Gormens remains silent.

Just where is our Gormen or our Minister of Health's response on this?

The latest issue of Utusan Konsumer of the Consumer Association of Penang featured this latest 'poison' where almost ALL food stuff that we come in contact with daily, have this 'highly toxic' stuff.
Go get a copy of the latest issue for your own health's sake. You can visit their newly launched website here. A search at Wikipedia will also shock you here.

For those who do not like to die a horrible death such as Heart Attack (for those above 50s) or have Big Fat Obesed Kids (teens) just read and understand the problem.
Just stop buying and eating this kind of Artificial Sugar introduced into our daily foodstuff WITHOUT even announcing or have the decency of warning us of the dangerous side effects on our health safety. Boycott Coca Cola, Pepsi, and all major brands that contains this poison.
It looks like pure cane sugar is not that bad afterall!

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