Sunday, June 6, 2010

Such A Disgrace!

Fraser's Hill
International Bird Race 2010

When is this Race? This is an International Event and have been actively taking place for many years and for this year's Race, we are all unsure when it would be!

Was it on 26th. May..which have just passed by, and we were not told in any media? Some says that it would be on June 19th., which is only 13 days away... and no promotion on any media?
Such international event would naturally attract birders from around the World and still no info is available to the general public!

MNS? WWF?......not sure? I was told that it was passed on to the Pahang State Gormen to organise this activity. Is this the way it is being done? The last race gave us a feeling of a pasar malam aura! Pooooh!

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